Cookie Monster Costume

If you’re looking for a cute first Halloween outfit look no further than this DIY cookie monster costume for babies and toddlers. Who can resist an adorable baby and cookies? Especially if you have a chunky baby like mine.

You could adapt it for a little boy by putting him in pants and a hat instead of the tutu and headband. This outfit is a bit time consuming but not overly difficult to make. You can grab a printable version of the directions with a guide for the pieces at the bottom of the page.

This costume is great for a cookie or Sesame Street themed first birthday too!

diy cookie monster costume

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What do you need:

diy cookie monster costume
  • One plain royal blue onesie available on Amazon. (Be sure to check the weight range before choosing a size)
  • Royal blue tutu available on Amazon (you can google online how to make your own but purchasing one only costs a few dollars more. So if you’re like me and aren’t a DIY guru buying is easier)
  • 3 pieces of felt: one brown, one black, one white (I purchased them at Michaels)
  • Aleene’s OK to wash it glue. (You can use tacky glue but it will not wash well)
  • Optional: A ruler and a sharpie marker
  • A hot glue gun and glue to attach the cookies to the skirt.

Directions for DIY cookie monster costume:

  • First, you’ll want to create your cookie monster onesie.
  • Wash the onesie before you start to minimize later washing. This outfit should be gently hand washed as felt will pill if treated too roughly.
    cookie monster onesie
  • Use your ruler to find the center of the onesie, armpit to armpit, or you can just eyeball the eyeball placement :).
  • If you can, find an object in your house to use as a guide for the eyes…I used the inside of one of her stacking rings.
  • Use the sharpie to draw a guide for the eyes on the white felt. You’ll glue this side down so the marks won’t show.
  • With the black felt cut two small circles to use for eyeballs
  • Cut a mouth using the black felt. I made the mouth about as wide as the two eyeballs combined
  • Now you’re ready to start combining it all. (Place a piece of cardboard in the onesie before you start gluing so it won’t end up glued shut.) Glue the eyes to the onesie followed by the mouth.
  • To make it extra cute glue a half eaten cookie near the mouth. When you’re done the onesie should look like the one above.

directions for cookie monster skirt

  • Next up is creating the cookies. I made them the same size as the eyeballs. Cut them out of the brown felt.
  • For the chips just cut some black felt into small pieces and glue them onto the brown felt circles.
  • To make the eaten cookies take a few of the brown circles and cut a bite into one side before adding the chips (no need to glue chips onto a piece you’ll be cutting off)
  • Looking for a guide? Click “Get the guide” at the bottom of the page. You can glue the pieces to the felt and just cut around them.
  • Glue as many cookies to the skirt as you like. These tulle skirts are great as you can easily trim them to the length you like. Use a mix of whole and eaten cookies on the skirt. You’ll want at least 12 cookies on the skirt (Put something under the 1st layer of tulle before gluing on the cookies so you don’t glue the two sides of the skirt together. You’ll ideally want to use hot glue to glue the cookies to the skirt.)
  • Once it all dries you’re ready to take some pictures of all this cuteness!
diy cookie monster costume

Bonus DIY cookie monster headband

If you want to add the headband simply make one extra cookie and glue it onto a headband. I used one I already had in my drawer. You could use a blue, white, or black headband and they would all work with the outfit.

Want a guide to making your own? Grab our cookie monster costume pattern guide!

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Cookie Monster Tutu Costume

9 thoughts on “DIY Cookie Monster costume baby & toddler {no sewing required}”

  1. How do I download the pattern guide? I see where it says “Want a guide to making your own? Grab our cookie monster costume pattern guide!”, but similar to previous comments, I don’t see anything to click. Tried multiple browsers on computer and phone.

    1. Hi Sophia,
      That’s so odd that the button isn’t showing up for some people. I just tested it and the button showed up. I will have to look into it more. In the meantime, I’m happy to just email you the pattern. Let me know if it’s different than the email you left a comment from.

  2. I see where it says “Want a guide to making your own? Grab our cookie monster costume pattern guide!” but I don’t see anything to click on to get it!

  3. Any suggestions of what to use instead of glue. I might want to use the onesie and tutu for something else. I don’t want the cookies to be permanently attached.

    1. You could try tacky glue which does wash out (I used it when I first did this costume and things detached in the wash). But I’m not sure if it would leave a residue. Otherwise, you could try glue dots or double-sided tape? If it’s a baby who won’t be moving around a lot it might work, for an active toddler you’ll need glue to hold things on. If you decide to try something other than glue definitely give it a test run to see how well it’s going to hold.

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