I love Halloween! It’s the beginning of the holiday season, plus who doesn’t love to dress up. I’m even more excited now that I have a kid to dress up as well. I’ve rounded up an A-Z guide of the best easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids. Many of these are even no-sew…so easy even a busy parent can do it! There are so many cute ideas here…how long until I have to let me daughter pick her own costume??

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

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This one will take a little bit of sewing so hopefully, you have a sewing machine or know someone that does! Super cute and pretty simple to make. Perfect for your little space explorer. Visit SWoodsenSays for the full instructions.

batgirl to the rescue

This simple costume is made from t-shirts but totally cute. Your little one will be wearing it to save the day long after Halloween is over. Jessica at Cutesy Crafts breaks it down into easy to follow instructions.

Cactus Costume

Looking for creative halloween costumes for your infant? Check out this amazing cactus costume. Dress up some simple green footed PJs to make an adorable costume. Perfect for desert dwellers. The details can be found at Happiest Camper Homestead.

cactus baby costume

Cookie Monster

This one is my own design. My daughter wore it last year and it was a real crowd pleaser. We even made t-shirts to turn her costume into a family affair. Learn how to make your own cookie monster costume or grab one in my shop.

cookie monster costume

Emoji Costume

I must admit I totally don’t get the poop emoji obsession. I love to use emojis but I don’t know why they needed a movie. Maybe when my daughter is older I’ll get it? If your little one is dying to be a poop emoji or heart eyes emoji for Halloween check out these easy DIYs from Smart, Fun, DIY.

Icee Halloween Costume

Bring a little summer treat to your Halloween party with this fun Icee costume from Penny Pinchin Mom. This one looks pretty easy to make but is sure to be a fun and original costume. This one works great for boys or girls!

Jellyfish light up costume

You have to check out this Jellyfish costume from Almost the Real Thing. It’s a simple no sew costume complete with lights! It’s original and your child will be easily seen in the dark!

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands are a staple of childhood. Check out this easy DIY tutorial from Love the Day. She also has a similar one to turn your child into an ice cream stand if lemonade isn’t your thing.

lemonade stand costume

Luke Skywalker no-sew costume

This fun Luke Skywalker costume requires no sewing at all! A trip to the closet or thrift store will give you all the items you need. See the look over at Midget Momma. This one is great for last minute costume ideas as well since it comes together so quickly…so long as you have access to a light saber!


While you’re busy making costumes keep your kids busy with these easy Halloween crafts!

Owl Costume

This is such a cute idea. It’s also easy and inexpensive to make. You can easily make it for under $10! You certainly can’t buy a costume for that price. Get the full instructions from Money Wise Moms.

Peter Pan’s Shadow

This costume is a cool alternative to a regular Peter Pan costume. If you have two kids one can go as Peter Pan and one as Peter Pan’s shadow! The costume is pretty simple to put together with the instructions from Tikkido.com. Simply change the colors a bit to make regular Peter Pan instead.

If you do a Peter Pan’s shadow costume please make sure your child is wearing some glow sticks or reflective tape, especially if they’ll be out after dark!

Peter Pan kids costume


There’s not much cuter than a little kid in overalls. Take some overalls and turn your toddler into an adorable scarecrow courtesy of Where the Smiles have been blog! This scarecrow costume is definitely going on the future Halloween list for my little girl. How long until I have to let her pick her own costume?!

scarecrow kids costume

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes

These costumes sure take me back. As a kid, I used to love watching and playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with my brother. It was one of the few shows we both enjoyed as there’s a 6 year age difference between us. These costumes from GYCT Designs are easy and super adorable. You can add a simple green tutu if you want to make it more girly.

teenage mutant ninja turtle costume


Unicorns are all the rage right now! Make your kids unicorn costume stand out by DIYing it so it’s one of a kind. It’s warm, comfy, and you can make the unicorn mane whatever colors your child likes. Check it out over at Almost the Real Thing.

diy unicorn costume

I hope you were inspired by these easy Halloween costumes for kids! Be sure to pin it so another mama can find them as well. Be sure to comment on the pin with your creations if you found one that you like. Happy Halloween!

easy Halloween costumes

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