Cookie Monster Birthday Party Ideas {1st Birthday & Beyond}

A child’s birthday party is always a special affair, especially if it’s a 1st birthday. A cute theme is pretty much essential and Cookie Monster is a great theme to choose. It’s cute, timeless, and can be used for a boy or a girl!

Let’s talk about invitations, decorations, food, and those cute outfits to throw a fabulous cookie monster birthday party. I’ll give you DIY options and things to purchase because I know not everyone is crafty and we’re all a little short on time!

If I missed anything be sure to let me know in the comments and I’m happy to add a new section!

cookie monster birthday party ideas

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The first place I like to go when planning a party is the dollar store. There you can pick up table cloths in your theme colors, as well as disposable silverware and plates. I might get themed plates for the cake just to add an accent piece but as these items will be covered with food and then trashed the dollar store is the way to go.

The same tablecloths and silverware will cost a lot more at a party store so it’s worth the extra stop!

I like to save my time and money on the bigger, more seen details of the party. Let’s talk:


Cookie Monster Invitations

It all starts with the invitations! Honestly, I didn’t find any cute old fashioned invitations that you fill in by hand. The best place to go for cute invitations is Etsy.

Just be careful when you choose a design. Some, you send the shop owner the details and they create a custom invitation that you can then have printed and mail or that you can send out digitally.

However, some send you a file that you need to edit yourself which may be more difficult depending on how techie you are. So be sure to read the find print and all the details before making your selection.

The ones below all come ready to print so long as you send the shop owner all the correct details.

If none of these strike your fancy there are many more options to choose from!

The decor is one of my favorite parts of party planning! It’s the little details that make for a cute atmosphere and great pictures so you can remember the party after it’s done.

I was actually surprised at how few DIY cookie monster party decorations I could find on the internet. But I do have a little inspiration for you.

Backdrops are actually really easy to make. My cousin and I have made these streamer style backdrops for many parties and many different themes.

The one below is a mermaid theme but use blue, tan, black, and white instead and you’ll have an easy cookie monster backdrop. You could even add some black dots to tan crepe streamers to bring in the cookie aspect. Here’s a good tutorial on making a streamer backdrop.

birthday streamer backdrop

Need party favors or party hats to fit with your theme? Buy some plain blue bags and hats and add your own cookie monster face. You can use the same template I used for my DIY cookie monster outfit as a template for your bags and hats!

cookie monster party favors

Not into DIY or need more decor ideas? I’ve got you covered!


Banners make great accent pieces. You can wrap them around a highchair for a cake smash and/or hang it in front of a streamer backdrop. If you know someone with a cricut they may be able to cut one out for you!

The birthday girl or boy definitely needs a themed birthday outfit to wear on their special day. Here’s another great opportunity to DIY or buy.

What’s a party without some sweets and treats?! We’ve got you covered with fun and festive ideas for your snack table.

Make Your Treats

Party treats are one area where I generally prefer to DIY it. Baking is a special love of mine. These are all cute, easy, and totally on theme.

Buy Your Treats

Of course, buying your treats is definitely an option too. You can search for a local bakery or cookie maker or try these Etsy shops that will ship them directly to you.

Have a fabulous party!

cookie monster 1st birthday party

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  1. This is such a fun and creative idea for kids birthday party. We will definitely use these ideas for my kid’s next birthday. Thanks for sharing!

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