Printable Baby Tracker/Babysitter information sheet {1 page fridge guide}

Leaving your baby with a babysitter can be extremely stressful, especially when you’re a first time mom. You’ll be wracking your brain trying to figure out what information to leave with a babysitter. Whether you’re leaving your child with a babysitter, nanny, grandparents, or even the other parent there’s important information you’ll want them to know.

Ever find yourself tearing through papers looking for the doctors after hours number. Googling to remind yourself what the proper Tylenol dosage is for your child? Have the information on hand with this baby information sheet.

That’s where having a one-page babysitter information sheet or baby tracker comes in. Keep one on your fridge and you’ll have all the important information available at a glance!

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Even when handing off to my husband I can’t tell you how much time we’ve spent talking or texting about the status of our kids. When they were changed, when they napped and how long, what they’d been fed so we didn’t give them 5 bananas in a day. By putting up this one-page “baby brief” on our fridge we can easily see what’s going on.

Get your “Baby Brief” printable and then let’s go over the different sections and what should go in each one. I charge just $2.99 for this resource that you can use over and over again.

Printable Babysitter Information Sheet

The form will print on one 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. I recommend laminating it or placing it inside a sheet protector so you can use the same one over and over again with fine tip dry-erase markers. (You’ll want the fine tip kind to make it easier to write)

This is a fillable PDF so you’ll be able to type in the more permanent information if you wish.

Baby information sheet in blues. 1 page printable available as a fillable PDF.

Baby information sheet in pink & purple. 1 page printable available as a fillable PDF.

Meal information

I try to give my kids a balanced diet so it’s important for us to know what they’ve already eaten today. Plus, for their digestive health I don’t want them to have too much yogurt or too many bananas. It also helps me to control how much sugar & treats they have in a day.

Quickly jot down the time they ate and a description of what they ate. You don’t have to include everything but you can jot down things you’re concerned about them getting too much of.

Sleep/Nap Information

Sleep such an important and sometimes fickle part of raising kids. Depending on your kid wake windows can be super important. So you’ll want to know when they slept, how long, and when they probably need to go to sleep again.

Diaper change section

Before you become a parent it’s hard to imagine the amount of time you’ll spend talking about the peep and poop habits and quality of another person! You can quickly mark down recent diaper changes so you know when they may need another change and if they’ve had a bowel movement or not.


Allergies are one of the most important things you’ll want to convey to any babysitter, nanny, or family member you are leaving in charge of your baby. They can’t tell them that they’re allergic to peanut butter, or eggs, or latex, or medications.

Be sure to verbally convey common ones like food but write down all of them in case of an emergency.

Medication and dosage information

This section may be more useful to you than a babysitter, as we don’t generally leave our kids when they’re not feeling well. Write down dosage information for commonly used medications like Tylenol or Ibuprofen (just be sure to update it accordingly). This will save you from googling or calling the doctor’s office when you forget the proper dosage.

You can also write in periodic medications like antibiotics, eye drops, etc whatever the case may be.

Important Contact Information

No one wants to think about there being an emergency with their child when they are left with someone else but you’ll want to be sure you leave a babysitter with all necessary emergency contact information. And it’s good to have it on hand even for yourself.

The poison controlled is pre-filled as this is the nationwide number if you’re in the US. There are also spaces to add the numbers for the non-emergency police line and the fire department or other emergency services if applicable.

Leave your phone numbers, the number for the doctor’s office, and the after-hours doctor’s office number or nurse line. Kids love to get sick on weekends and evenings and you’ll want that number on hand for yourself and anyone else watching your child.

You may wonder why there is a section for your home address. This section is in case your babysitter needs to actually call emergency services. They may not know your address and certainly may struggle to remember it off the top of their head in a stressful situation. Print it on there and they’ll have it if they need it.


Lastly, there’s a notes section for any other pertinent information you need them to know on any given day.

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