Jello Sensory Play Bin {for babies}

Sensory play is a great activity for babies and toddlers and the options are endless. Sensory bags are great for the smallest babies but eventually, they’re ready to get their hands dirty in a sensory bin.

This jello sensory bin was tons of fun and easy to make. We created an ocean-themed one. It costs just a few dollars to make although it does have to be prepped a bit in advance.

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Sensory play is a great activity for babies. It helps them to explore their world, develop fine motor skills, and become more confident in their bodies and their world. It’s important to help your baby develop by letting them use all their different senses to explore the world.

Always supervise your baby during these activities. Small items and even foods can be a choking hazard to young children.


  • 1 box of jello or gelatin
  • Small toys (we purchased ours at the dollar store)
  • Small plastic bin
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Jello vs. Gelatin

We used regular old jello for our sensory bin. Yes, the kind that is full of sugar. My daughter took one little lick off her finger and that was it.

If you are worried your child will dive head first into the bin of jello you can buy plain gelatin and add some food coloring so that it doesn’t have sugar but will still be taste safe.

How to make a Jello Sensory Bin

These bins are really easy to make!

1 – Add some small toys to a small plastic tub.

We created an ocean-themed bin for ours but you can use any color jello and any toys you like. You will need small flatter toys so that you can cover them with the jello.

how to make a jello sensory bin

2 – Mix up the jello according to the package instructions.

3 – Pour the jello mixture into the tub.

4 – Still the bin in the refridgerator. If your toys are light like mine were you may need to come back after about 15 minutes or so (when the jello is just starting to firm a little) and push the toys down.

I waited one hour to go back and the bin was already jelly so when I pushed the toys down it did squish the jello a bit, not that my daughter cared.

5 – Let the bin sit in the fridge for at least 4 hours, or however long your package calls for.

jello sensory play

6 – Set your baby in front of the bin and encourage them to get the toys out!

I set my daughter in the bathtub when we did this for easy cleanup. Jello melts when you get it wet so I could easily rinse off her and the bin when we were done. You could also do this outside but the leftover jello will attract ants.

I hope you all have a blast with your jello sensory bin! Check out our sister site for crafts & activities for 2-5 year olds.

jello sensory bin for babies

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