Easy DIY m&m costume for toddlers: Easily adaptable for other sizes

Who doesn’t love m&m’s! As a DIY Halloween costume, it’s one of the easiest and most recognizable ones you can make.

It works great as a kid costume, group costume or family costume.

My daughter is going as the green m&m this year. It’s no sew and makes the perfect toddler costume for Halloween.

diy m&m toddler costume

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Diy m&m toddler costume

We did the green m&m costume for my daughter but you can easily adapt it to your favorite color of m&m by changing the colors of the leotard and skirt.

You can easily adapt this for different sizes/ages and genders by buying larger or smaller sizes or using pants instead of a skirt.

Supplies for your DIY M&M costume:

  • 2 pieces of white felt (you could probably squeeze it out of one piece for a child but it’s safer to have a second piece on hand)
  • 6 pieces of colored felt. 1 each of green, blue, yellow, orange, red, & brown
  • 1 green onesie, leotard, or shirt. (Onesies are much cheaper if you can fit your child into one. I had to purchase a leotard as my daughter needed a size 2T)
  • 1 green tutu or a similar one in the color of your choice.
  • Optional: Use green or white pants instead if making for a boy or a girl who doesn’t like skirts.
  • Hot glue or Aleene’s ok to wash it glue (Tacky glue or fabric glue is easier to work with but the ok to wash it glue holds a bit better and is washable!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Reynold’s wrap to use when gluing pieces onto the skirt
  • Optional: Headband or alligator clip to make a headpiece

You may need to use different types of glue depending on the material. For a regular cotton onesie or bodysuit the Ok to Wash It glue works great. For slick material like a leotard you may need to try hot glue or super glue. Try testing in a small area that will be under the skirt where it won’t show.

Download the pattern template before you start!

How to make a no sew M&M costume:

1 – Print out the templates for your pieces or make your own.

2 – Cut out each pattern piece that you need

3 – Cut 2-3 circles of each of the colored felt (I used 2 of each color and one extra green one for the headband)

4 – Cut out 13 or more of the small letter m’s out of white felt. (I used 12 on the skirt and one on the headband)

Use the fabric glue to attach one small m&m to each of the colored circles. (You can try to use hot glue for this but it may be difficult as the m’s are so small)

5 – Cut out one large M out of white felt

Find the center of your leotard or shirt and use hot glue or Ok to Wash It glue to attach the M.

I recommend gluing one leg down to hold it in place, letting it dry for a few minutes. Then fold back the rest of the letter and glue it. If you glue the whole piece at once it can be hard to get it in place straight. Hot glue also dries fairly quickly and one leg may start to dry while you’re putting glue on the rest.

(Be sure to put cardboard in the middle of your leotard or shirt so the two sides don’t glue together!)

no sew m&m costume

6 – Lay out your tulle skirt flat and place the completed m&ms where you want them to be (I recommend letting them dry for a few hours first as the fabric glues don’t dry super quick)

m&m halloween costume

7 – Once everything is placed use your hot glue gun to attach them to the top layer of the skirt. You’ll need to put something under each circle to prevent it from attaching to the layer below. The Reynold’s wrap pictured below works best.

Optional: To make a headpiece attach one extra m&m of any color to a headband or alligator clip. If you want you can make a simple tulle bow to go under the candy piece.

m&m costume headband

Pro Tip: If you’re going to trace the m’s onto the felt you’ll need to turn the pattern piece backward. Otherwise, whatever you use to draw the outline will be on the front of your letter!

I held or used double sided tape to stick my pattern piece to the felt and then drew around it with a pen before cutting them out.

Want to make family m&m costumes?

My husband and I love dressing up alongside our daughter, though we like to keep ours simple so she’s the star. You can easily make m&m costumes into family costumes.

For parents simply make diy m&m tshirts. Buy large plain colored shirts, we went with yellow for my husband and red for me.

Use the larger letter m template to cut your m out of white felt. Glue the M onto the center chest area of the shirt and you’re ready to go!

For other kids simply repeat this costume in a different color.

diy m&m tshirt

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