How to Save $$$ shopping online

Who doesn’t love to save money?! Shopping online already makes it easy to compare prices. Below are even more ways to make sure you are getting the best deal you can without leaving your couch.

This post contains affiliate links but all tricks are my own.

Tip #1: Google Shopping

Did you know Google has a shopping tab? Search for the item you want to buy and then click over from all to shopping. From there you can see different stores that sell the item and the different price points.

Tip #2: Get a rebate

Shop online through Swagbucks or Ebates and earn cash back when you shop online. The percentage you get back will vary so check both before you decide which to shop through. Both programs also offer a browser extension which will automatically remind you when you visit a store website where cash back is offered.

Tip #3: Add the honey extension

Honey is a browser extension. When you go to checkout at a store it will pop up and automatically search for coupons for you, saving you that extra step of googling for coupon codes. It even works on Amazon and will let you know if there is another listing that is cheaper. I love an easy time saving way to save!

Tip #4: Sign up for Paribus

Paribus will search your email for receipts and will then watch for price changes. Most stores have a policy that if a price is lower within a certain time frame they will refund you the difference. You do have to give them access to your email but I’ve been using it for quite a while with zero security issues. Paribus just got even better, they will now contact Amazon if your package is delivered late and get you a free month of Amazon Prime!

P.S. sometimes Swagbucks offers points for signing up for Paribus. So sign up for Swagbucks first and search for Paribus. You may be able to earn points towards a giftcard just for registering for Paribus!

Tip #5: Sign up for a Target RedCard

Unlike most stores that only offer a store branded credit card Target also offers a debit card version of the Target RedCard. The card links straight to your checking account so it’s just like sliding your regular debit card except it takes a few extra days to process and you’ll get 5% off everything you purchase in store and online. You also get free shipping on all online orders, so you don’t have to meet a price threshold. I love this as I hate paying shipping but don’t always want to spend the time to find other items to meet that dollar amount. Click here to sign up today and start saving 5%.

Tip #6: Sign up for Amazon Prime

If you don’t have Amazon Prime you need it. You can get anything delivered to your house in 2 days and who wants to haul kids to the store for one item?! There is a yearly cost but it will pay for itself if you use it frequently. Also, if anyone in your household is a student you’ll get a discount on the annual cost.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Tip #7: Check out is a great website or mobile app to shop on. They generally are running a save 15% off your first 3 orders promo and the more items you purchase the less you pay per item. I often find better prices here than on Amazon The site is great for staples like toilet paper, or heavy items I don’t want to haul from the store like my husband’s energy drinks. They have a surprisingly wide array of items so you’re sure to find something you need. I even saw car seats on Jet and I may by ordering that soon!

Tip #8: Combine strategies to save even more!

These are all great tips alone but the real saving comes from combining these tricks together.

  • If you are looking for a random item start with Google Shop. If you are looking for a staple compare on the big four Target, Amazon, Walmart and
  • Once you decide where to shop check Swagbucks and Ebates to see if you can get cash back and shop through whichever is offering a higher rate.
  • Use the Honey extension at checkout to check for any coupon offers
  • If shopping at Target be sure to login in and check that you are getting your 5% off with your red card.
  • Make sure you are signed up with Paribus so you can take advantage of any price changes.
  • It takes a little extra time but it’s worth it to get the best deals. Happy Shopping!


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