Baby got a cold? You need Nose Frida!

If you found this post I imagine you may have a baby with a cold. I’m so sorry! It’s terrible to watch your little one be sick and congested and not be able to do much to help them.

I’d heard about this product before I got pregnant. A co-worker had a new baby and she had mentioned these new nasal aspirators for kids called a Nose Frida. It involved a tube you use to suck the boogers out of your child’s nose…ew…gross I thought.

I swore that I would never be purchasing one of them. Famous last words….Find out why you need one and how to use the nose frida below.

how to use nose frida

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Why you need a nasal aspirator

Fast forward a year and I had my tiny daughter, just a couple months old, who was congested as she caught a cold from my husband.

We had the old school bulb nose suckers. The problem was…they didn’t actually suck anything out. So I hopped on Facebook and consulted with my mom group who kept recommending the Nose Frida. So what else was I to do but send my husband off to CVS to purchase one.

And man does this thing work…although I have trouble making it work myself. That’s fine by me as I’d rather leave this task to my husband lol. I’ll blame my inability on my weird lungs…I do have exercise-induced asthma. He’s able to easily clear out her nose with the Nose Frida and you can hear how much easier she breathes afterward. The proof is in the tube that is full of snot.

I will say that my daughter does not like this procedure. But, she doesn’t like the bulb style or electric nasal aspirators either and they don’t work as well.

Using the Nose Frida as she has gotten older is most often a two-person job. But, it’s still the best product out there for clearing her nose fast! Children get a lot of colds so I’m grateful to have a product that can offer some help.

How to use nose frida

So what is Nose Frida? It’s a simple cylinder with a pointed tip hooked to a tube with a mouthpiece. In between the two is a tiny but very important sponge. (The sponge keeps the boogers from getting from your child’s nose to your mouth).

If anyone has ever used an old school fish tank cleaning siphon system it’s very similar to this. You put the pointed end in your child’s nose and then suck through the other end and voila, out come those boogers.

Using some saline solution in your child’s nose before you use the nose frida can also help to loosen up the mucus.

Just be careful not to overuse or it can cause irritation. Afterwards, the cylinder is easily removed so you can rinse it out with warm water and then it’s ready for the next use.

If you have a baby the Nose Frida is an essential tool for your medicine cabinet! Happy booger sucking!

Mom using Nose Frida nasal aspirator

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