Breastfeeding & Baby Care at Disneyland

Disneyland is an amazing place to visit! Don’t worry, having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t still go and have fun.

Breastfeeding or pumping mom? I’ll let you know all about the Baby Care Center at Disneyland and other tips on breastfeeding at the park.

Disneyland baby care center
Disneyland baby care center

Disneyland Baby Care Center

Disneyland is one of the kid friendliest places around! To help ensure even the smallest visitors have a great trip they have a special baby care center. It’s located towards the end of main street on the right hand side. Look for the bright red corn dog stand just before the Plaza hotel.

What’s available at the baby center

  • Vending machine for diapers, formula, wipes, etc (credit/debit cards only)
  • Chairs for nursing moms
  • Outlets for pumping moms
  • Changing tables
  • High chairs
  • Bottle Warmers
  • A table for toddlers
  • Air conditioning for those hot summer days!
Corn dog stand, easy to spot landmark near the baby care center

What’s the baby center like?

The best part about the baby center is the air conditioning. On a hot day it’s the perfect place for your kids to get out of the sun for a while.

Like most places in Disneyland, the baby center has cast members there to answer questions and keep things moving. I went in just after the parade broke up so it was busy and there was a queue for all the amenities.

I was a bit surprised, although you should pretty much expect everything at Disney to have a line. The line did clear out quickly so other times during the day I’d expect it to be a bit quieter in the baby care center.

There is one thing that is missing from the baby care center. There are no adult restrooms! I expected that I’d be able to use the restroom as well but there were no adult bathrooms so go before you head over.

The changing area

The changing area is a small room in the back of the center. It has 5 cushioned changing tables that they cover with paper liners. When I went in we were the only ones there but I can imagine it’s a bit tight when it’s full.

changing tables at disneyland
changing tables at the baby care center

There are also 2 child sized toilets in the room for older children.

The nursing suite.

The nursing suite is behind this large wall. I don’t have photos inside for obvious reasons.

At first, I thought it was several small dressing room type nursing suites. However, it’s actually just one small room. You enter on the far left and inside there are 5 cushy armchairs in a row, front to back, and two chairs where moms can sit and pump. They do have outlets for pumping!

breastfeeding at disneyland
Nursing room at Disneyland

The armchairs are on the small size and fairly close together. With 5 moms and babies as well as two mamas pumping it was a bit stuffy in there even with the air conditioning on. The high wall and tight confines keep the A/C from being super effective.

If you’re not shy I recommend just nursing your baby in the lobby area. It’s cooler and you have more space to move around. But if your baby gets distracted the nursing suite may be helpful.

If you plan on pumping at Disneyland definitely take advantage of the baby care center! The outlets and privacy are hard to beat anywhere else in the park. The last thing you want is some random person bumping you and spilling your precious milk everywhere!

Men are allowed in the baby care center as they can use the changing room, feeding area, and kitchen area for bottle warming. So, if you choose to nurse in the lobby just be prepared for the possibility of dads walking by.

baby care center lobby at disneyland
Baby care center lobby

Other places to breastfeed at Disneyland

Around the Park

Anywhere really! I nursed my baby while we were having dinner with no problems. Standing in line is a great time to nurse if you can do it standing or in a carrier as that’s downtime anyway and you won’t feel like you’re missing out or slowing down your party.

If you’re looking for a more secluded spot try locations that were previously meant for smoking. They were purposefully placed a bit away from the area where people tend to gather. (As smoking is no longer allowed inside the park they may slowly start to fill these areas with more things.)

At Disneyland, it’s the near Frontierland. The walkway between Frontierland and Fantasyland was previously the smoking area. It runs along Big Thunder Railroad and is mostly just a pass-through so there are fewer people and most aren’t stopping to hang out.

If you’re across the street at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park try back by Grizzly Peak. The road leading to the falls overlook to the right of the Grizzly Falls ride water wheel was previously a smoking spot and will be a bit less crowded.

On the rides

Yes, you can take your baby on many of the rides. Find out more details in my post about enjoying rides with a baby.

Some of those rides also make great places to nurse. Many are dark and other riders will be watching the ride, not you. Think longer rides like small world or Pirates of the Caribbean (after the drops are over).

Honestly, next time I’ll probably skip the baby care center unless it’s a particularly hot day and simply nurse wherever we happen to be when my daughter gets hungry. Bring a cover if you’re uncomfortable but if you use the two shirt method no one will really see anything.

Have a magical day at Disney!

baby care center disneyland

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