Ember Mug Review: Perfect way to keep coffee hot!

The Ember ceramic mug

Coffee is often a mom’s best friend. Unfortunately, especially in the early days, you often end up drinking it cold or never finishing it at all. You get called away to feed a baby, change a diaper, prepare food for a toddler, the list goes on.

That’s where the Ember coffee mug comes in! This ceramic mug is rechargeable and keeps your coffee hot so you can enjoy it without reheating it a bunch of times!

Not a mom? If you still like to drink your coffee slowly and at a steady temperature this may still be the mug for you! So, go ahead and check out my review anyway.

ember mug review

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My Ember mug is seriously one of the best gifts my husband has ever given me! I was constantly microwaving my coffee in an attempt to drink it at a decent temperature. So he presented me with a rechargeable ceramic coffee mug.

How does the Ember mug work?

The Ember mug is a battery heated coffee mug and comes with the rechargeable mug and a charging base. You also download an app for your phone! The app is the secret to customizing your coffee drinking experience.

You can set the temperature you want your coffee to be! It also allows you to customize the color of the light on the mug. Not a particularly useful feature but it is kind of fun. (Without the app the mug will automatically be set to 130 degrees)

The ability to set your temperature is amazing! My husband likes to drink his coffee at the temp of molten lava. I on the other hand like to use my taste buds later in the day and prefer my coffee a bit cooler.

The app on your phone will connect to your mug via Bluetooth to give it the information you set.

How do you charge the mug?

To charge your mug you’ll need to plug the base into a power outlet. I keep mine next to the coffee maker. Simply set your mug onto the charging base and it will charge right up. There’s no need to plug the cup in in any way.

How long will your Ember ceramic mug stay charged?

I’ve been using my mug for well over a year and the ember coffee mug keeps my coffee hot for about an hour. After that the light on the mug goes red to indicate it’s low on power and the coffee will begin to cool.

An hour is generally enough time for me to get through my cup. The cup recharges to full power in about the same length of time. If you drink your coffee near a table or desk you can simply keep it on the base and avoid it running out of battery power.

How do I clean it if it’s electric?

The answer here is gently. They recommend you avoid getting the base of the mug wet as much as possible. I generally wash the inside of the mug and the top rim and avoid getting much soap and water down near the base.

A little water running down the side won’t hurt it but you want to avoid getting liquid on the bottom of the mug or on the charging base as much as possible. Any liquid that does get there should be dried off quickly.

Is it expensive?

The cost of the Ember mug is usually somewhere around $80. They also make a travel mug that costs a bit more. It comes in white, black, and sometimes they do special editions as well in other colors.

ember coffee mug

Are there any Cons to this rechargeable mug?

I think I’ve covered most of what I love about the mug above, let’s talk about the few downsides.


The one complaint I had about my mug was its small size. It didn’t seem to hold as mug as a regular coffee cup. The original size holds 10oz

Fortunately, they’ve recently come out with a 14oz version that will hold an extra few ounces of coffee. I may have to treat myself to an upgrade in the near future. Although, the larger version does cost quite a bit more and I’m not sure it’s worth it for just a few extra ounces.

They also make a travel mug if you take your coffee on the go and a regular travel mug doesn’t do the trick.

It’s not microwaveable

I know, I know, the whole point of a temperature controlled mug is to avoid using the microwave right? But, on an extra busy morning when I don’t get my cup finished in about an hour I have to transfer the coffee to a different mug if I do need to microwave it.

I have the same issue if I want to go back for more coffee. If I turn off the pot so the coffee doesn’t burn it starts to cool. The mug will only register liquid that is 100 degrees or more so it’s really intended to be used only to keep hot coffee hot and not to reheat cooled coffee.

In checking the Ember website it seems you can fiddle with the app and get it to recognize a lower temperature and heat it up, however the cup would have to stay on the charging base or it would use all the power. It would also take quite a while to heat it as that’s not what the cup is designed for.

So, unfortunately, you have to heat the coffee in a different mug and then use the Ember mug to keep the coffee at that nice steady temperature again.

Has to be handwashed

I hate doing dishes! So I don’t like the fact that since I only have one Ember mug, and it has to be handwashed, I have to rinse and/or wash it every day if I want to be able to use again the following morning.

Possible peeling or delaminating issues

The biggest complaints on other reviews I’ve read seems to be that the cup peels or delaminates with use. Personally, I have not had an issue with this.

It does sound like the Ember customer service is great at quickly sending a replacement if there is any issue.

You do have to be a bit gentle with this mug. Handwash it, don’t use a scratchy sponge, and don’t use metal objects inside like a spoon. You should use a plastic or wooden coffee stirrer rather than a spoon to mix anything into your coffee.

ember ceramic mug

Final Verdict

To me, the Ember ceramic mug has been worth every penny! I save a lot of time but not having to make a bunch of trips to the microwave. And with young kids, I can’t always break away to get to the microwave anyway.

If you’re a regular coffee or hot tea drinker and like to drink it at an optimal temperature then you need to treat yourself to one of these Ember coffee mugs too!

Enjoy your coffee!

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