7 Must-have phone apps for pregnancy & baby photos

Pregnancy & Baby Photo apps

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes pregnancy, babies…and tons of photos! You’ll want to document every moment and milestone of your pregnancy and your baby. These pregnancy photos apps and baby photo apps are perfect for documenting every moment!

pregnancy and baby photo apps

With these apps you’ll be able to create those cute bump photos during your pregnancy that compare your baby to fruit or other foods. Once your baby is here you can create a cute announcement and photos to document each month and milestone!

Some of these can also be used for editing cute DIY Christmas photos.

Need ways to store and share the mountain of photos you’ll take? I’ve got apps for that too!

Check out the list below, then scroll to the bottom for more details on each app.

The best apps for pregnancy photos and baby photos.

First, let’s talk about the best pregnancy & baby photo editor apps. These will allow you to add “stickers” to document how many weeks along you are in your pregnancy. They also allow you to add month and milestone stickers to your baby photos and create fun pregnancy announcements.

Baby Pics App

The Baby Pics App is my favorite of these editing apps. It’s easy to use and has lots of fun sticker options. They even recently added a section all about twins!

You can compare your growing baby’s size to various fruits and even junk food. For instance, at 12 weeks your baby is the size of a half-eaten hot dog lol.

You can also use the baby pics app to make collages of multiple photos.

I’ve had the app for a while but from what I can tell it currently costs 5.99/month, 13.99/3 months, or 34.99/12 months in order to use the app.

Baby Story App

The Baby Story app is similar to baby pics. However, it’s much less user-friendly. It’s quite a bit harder to navigate and find what you want. It also does not offer the collage feature.

However, it does have colored stickers which I did not see in the baby pics app. There is also an option to use filters on your photos.

The other upside, it costs just $6.99 for access to all of the stickers and premium features.


The last of the photo apps is Giggly. It’s my least favorite of the 3 but it still has good options.

One cool thing about Giggly is that if you refer 3 friends you get access to the premium features for free! Otherwise, it costs 2.99/week.

Baby Photo storage and sharing

Now that you have an app or two to create lots of cute photos you need somewhere to store them! Some of these also give you the option to have your photos printed on postcards, turned into baby books, and more.


With Lifecake you can upload your photos and create a chronological feed of your baby photos. At the top of the feed it even tells you the age of your child during the section you’re in.

The app gives you the ability to add more than one child so they can each have their own timeline.

You can also invite family and friends to view the timeline. Goodbye sending 10 separate texts every time you take a cute photo! The only downside, anyone who’s been invited can also save those photos, there’s no option to allow people to view but not save.

You can download all of your photos into organized folders. This is a great feature to have in case your phone gets lost or stolen. You’ll have the photos backed up when you log back in. (Make sure you have at least one other person who has access just in case).

You get a large amount of storage for free. After that is used up you’ll need to upgrade to VIP status at $10.99/month or $64.99/year.


With Qeepsake you can save not only photos but journal entries as well.

It’s unique feature is that you can set to have the app text you questions about your child. You text back the answers and they store them in the app.

When you’re ready you can order a printed book with the photo, journal entries, and question answers to create an instant baby book of sorts.

The app has limited options in it’s free version and offers more features for $2.99/month.

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Love video? Then 1SE is a great baby photo app for you!

1 second everyday

1SE is designed to help you to save 1 moment from every day. You can upload both video and pictures to the app. Once you have a collection you can mash them together into a video that you can download or share. Perfect for easily putting together a birthday video.

You can also add journal entries and multiple projects if you have multiple children.

The Pro version costs $29.99/year or $3.99/month which allows for an extra photo each day, longer snippets in the video, and unlimited backup.

It’s a fun idea to help you remember to take a moment to document each day as they go by so fast!

Photo Director

The 7th app I’ll recommend you looking into is called Photo Director. It’s not for storing photos or adding fun stickers. But it is a great photo editing app.

Before you add the fun stickers and save your photos use Photo Director to make them look great. It’s free and the auto fix features really do make photos look great. You can also manually adjust all sorts of features if you’re more into photo editing.

There you have it! Take a look at these 7 apps and grab one or all of them for extra options! They will make creating and storing pregnancy photos and baby photos a breeze.

Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

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pregnancy photo apps

Baby bump photo apps

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