Once your baby starts to get more interested in the world and move about a bit they will need to be entertained. Toys can get expensive fast. Here are 10 baby approved toys that will cost you less than $10. The list is compiled from toys my daughter likes and ones loved by other babies we know.

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    1. Stacking Rings

    Stacking rings are a classic.

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      Baby carriers are great tools for moms. Your baby gets to feel snuggled and secure and you get the use of two hands!…if you’re still expecting your first you will soon come to realize how much you took the use of your hands for granted lol.

      The Tula baby carrier is one of the favorites of moms.

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        Nursing your baby can look like this

        ….but more often it looks like this

        The reality is that breastfeeding is 10% sweet and 90% crazy, at least for me! So what does it feel like to breastfeed? What is breastfeeding really like? Breastfeeding is:



        Titty Twisting



        Popping off to stare around and expose you…then yelling at you because the boob is gone

        Nipple damage

        Biting (come one do they really need teeth this young?!)

        Acrobatic nursing

        Baby testing how far your nipples can stretch

        Feeling absolutely touched out

        Wondering if your breasts will ever be sexual objects again

        Wondering if your breasts will ever stop being this strange shape

        It’s pumping at work to keep up supply

        It’s dealing with hot nursing covers

        It’s nursing in strange places to get a little privacy

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          I love Halloween! It’s the beginning of the holiday season, plus who doesn’t love to dress up. I’m even more excited now that I have a kid to dress up as well. I’ve rounded up an A-Z guide of the best easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids. Many of these are even no-sew…so easy even a busy parent can do it! There are so many cute ideas here…how long until I have to let me daughter pick her own costume??

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            I survived my third month of blogging! I’m definitely still learning a lot and making mistakes. A lot of learning is done through trial and error and testing things to see what works for me at this point. I’m hoping some of what I’ve found helpful and the mistakes I’ve made will help you with your blogging venture. This month was exciting as I actually made money. It was a fluke in a way and a one off that isn’t repeatable on a regular basis,

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              If you’re looking for a cute first Halloween outfit look no further than this DIY cookie monster costume for babies and toddlers. Who can resist an adorable baby and cookies? Especially if you have a chunky baby like mine. You could adapt it for a little boy by putting him in pants and a hat instead of the tutu and headband. This outfit is a bit time consuming but not overly difficult to make. You can grab a printable version of the directions with a guide for the pieces at the bottom of the page.

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