10 toys under $10 for your baby

Once your baby starts to get more interested in the world and move about a bit they will need to be entertained. Toys can get expensive fast. Here are 10 baby approved toys that will cost you less than $10. The list is compiled from toys my daughter likes and ones loved by other babies we know.

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1. Stacking Rings

Stacking rings are a classic. My daughter loves to dump them all off and play with the different sizes and colors. She especially loves the top ring since it rattles.


2. Teethe and Read Books

These crinkle books are a huge hit for us! She loves to play with the pages since they make noise and look at the bright colors. The teething edges will be becoming useful soon as well. These aren’t available under $10 from Amazon *gasp*, but they are at Target. Use your redcard and you can still get free shipping.


3. Sassy wonder wheel

This is one choice but there are a wide variety of high chair suction toys available, most of which cost less than $10. A great way to keep your little one entertained while you do kitchen chores or prepare their meal.


4. Squeeze & Stack Blocks

These blocks are great first blocks for kids. They are soft enough that they won’t hurt your little one if they fall on them. They are covered with numbers and animals for early learning and small enough for little hand to easily pick up.

5. Infantino textured ball set

These fun balls come with a variety of shapes and textures for your little one to explore.



baby toys


6. Shape Sorter

This shape sorter is another classic toy. You probably had one as a kid! For now my daughter just enjoys taking the items out of the box but she’ll grow into using it to learn to match the shapes to the holes in the lid. I love a toy that will go the distance!


7. O’Ball Rattle and Roll cars

These cars are great for boys or girls. They are easy to pick up and rattle as well. The same company also makes a helicopter version.



8. Skip Hop Roll around Rattle toy

This little hedgehog is about as cute as they come. Easy to grab and fun to roll. They also make a bee and an owl that are similar.


9. Baby Einstein Take along tunes

Bright and colorful with an easy to grip handle for your little one. It plays music but without any annoying tunes or creepy voices so it’s easy on the parents as well.


10. O’Ball Toy Ball

Similar to the cars but simpler is this cute toy ball. It’s made of very soft plastic so my daughter has been playing with it since she was probably 3 months old. The holes make it easy to hold and it’s very lightweight and if they hit themselves with it it won’t hurt.


A cardboard box is always an option too of course but these toys are all pretty fun. Did I miss your favorite inexpensive baby toy? Drop it in the comments!