Shark Week is here! If you’re looking to celebrate Shark Week, or just have a kid that loves sharks, check out this list of great crafts, snacks, toys, and books for the shark obsessed.

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Ocean inspired snacks

If you’re looking for fun snacks check out this cool oceanscape made from graham crackers and goldfish.


Kids will love playing Sharky’s Diner after watching an episode of Shark Week. And bath time will be much more fun with some shark friends¬†(includes a special play mat too!)


Even Dr. Seuss has gotten in on the Shark action with a title called “Hark a Shark”!




Shark week books


Usborne books make an entire line of Shark books, there’s one for every level of reader!


Shark Hats

What party is complete without party hats? These hats are easy to make and tons of fun!

Shark Slime

Slime is all the rage with the kids so why not make a special batch to celebrate shark week? See the instructions below.

Shark Puppet

After learning all about sharks your kids will certainly want to play sharks. Check out these fun shark hand puppets you can help them make.

Don’t miss a thing during Shark Week

Looking for all the Shark Week programming. Check out this list from Entertainment Weekly here.

I hope you and your kids have an amazing time celebrating Shark Week! If you like this list please pin or share it so others can enjoy it too!
Shark Week

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