3 Quick and Easy DIY toddler activities

As a mom, I am always looking for a new way to entertain my toddler! They have the attention span of a fly so having something new is key. Here are 3 quick and easy DIY toddler activities you can make for FREE from items you already have at home or by spending just a few dollars at the dollar store.

These activities will also help them to practice their motor development skills. If you have a 1-2 year old give these a try!

If you need crafts and activities for 2-5 year olds check out my sister site Tot School Resources.

toddler activities

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Pouch cap shape sorter

My daughter loves, loves, loves pouches! So, when I was trying to think of a way to entertain her on a recent road trip I thought, surely I can do something with these pouches. I decided to save some caps and create my own shape sorter of sorts.

It cost me $0 to make it, my favorite! Start saving up those pouch caps and you can make your very own pouch cap shape sorter to use at home, or on your next long car ride. Simply follow the steps below to make your own.

  • Save your pouch caps. I saved pouch caps for a couple weeks to get what I needed. I saved four each of four different colors.
  • Find a small box I found that a kids size shoe box was perfect. You’ll want something with a removable lid ideally. You need to be able to open the box to get the pieces out in order to play again. A container with a plastic lid could work as well.
  • Cut holes in the top I drew around the caps and then cut them out with an Exacto knife. I made four holes in the top of my box but you can do more or less if you prefer. The holes were slightly larger than the caps making it very easy to put them in. You can make the holes a bit smaller to make it more challenging. You can also color each hole a different color to match the caps if your child is old enough to do a little color matching.
  • Play! My daughter had fun playing with this and enjoyed it when we got home as well…until dad got tired of stepping on pouch caps.
pouch cap shape sorter

Raffle ticket fun

This one works double duty! Grab a roll or strip of raffle tickets. You’ll also need a box or container with a plastic lid. An old coffee can or even an empty puffs container would work. Cut a small slit, or several small slits in the container lid.

If you have a younger kid you may want to just use a kleenex box as it will be easier to get the tickets in. Let them pull the tickets apart before putting them into the container. I don’t know what it is, but kids seem to love pulling paper apart!

Pipe cleaner bracelets

Pipe cleaner bracelets mix snacking and entertainment into one! Get a container or “beads”. We used Cheerios most of the time. You can use fruit loops or oreo o’s as the hole in those is a bit bigger, but you don’t want them to eat too many due to the high sugar content.

Grab a pack of pipe cleaners, easily available on Amazon or at the dollar store, and let them thread the “beads” onto the “string”. They will likely need help holding the pipe cleaner steady while they do it. Once you’ve got a bit of cereal on the pipe cleaner connect the two ends to make a bracelet. My daughter loved eating the “beads” off!

toddler activities
edible bracelet
Pipe cleaner bracelet

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  1. The raffle ticket one is a great idea! All of these are great for young toddlers to help work their fingers and give them something to occupy them.

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