Cutest Baby Girl Coming home outfits {Personalized options too}

Bringing your sweet, cuddly baby girl home from the hospital is one of the most memorable days of your life.

You’ll need the perfect coming home outfit for your baby girl for all those newborn photos, visitors, and video calls.

You can read our tips on choosing the perfect one or just jump straight to the outfits!

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Choosing a Coming Home Outfit for Your Baby Girl

There are some key things that you want to think about when choosing your baby girl’s coming home outfit.

Knowing what style outfit you want, the size you should take, how practical it is and if you want something that is personalized or not will help you make your choice from the seemingly endless adorable outfits available for baby girls.


Of course first and foremost is the style of the coming home outfit. This will be the first outfit your newborn baby girl wears and you’ll be looking at these photos for the rest of your life so be sure to pick something special and timeless.

You may even want to add it to their keepsake box once they outgrow it. 

Sizing: Should you get Newborn or 0-3 Months for a going home outfit?

Babies come in lots of different sizes. Some babies are tiny and some babies are born larger.  End of pregnancy ultrasounds can be really unreliable when it comes to guessing baby’s weight. 

To be on the safe side, taking an outfit in newborn and 0-3 should cover most babies. Your baby could come out much bigger or much smaller than expected so you’ll want to have a cute backup so you don’t end up with something generic.


While you want the cutest outfit you can find, you also need to remember the practicality of having a baby. Newborns can need up to 10 diaper changes a day. When choosing an outfit keep in mind how easy it is to get on and off your infant. 

Newborns also have an umbilical cord stump that you want to keep clean and dry and you don’t want something irritating it. If you choose something with a waist band make sure that the waistband sits low on the baby’s abdomen under her umbilical cord stump. 

The last factor I would consider is the baby’s car seat. You want to make sure that you can safely buckle your baby in the car seat in the adorable outfit. And remember that head bows should be removed for the car ride as they risk slipping down over the baby’s mouth or nose.


Choosing whether or not you want some personalization, name or initials, on your baby’s coming home outfit is another choice you’ll need to consider. Are you set on a name? Or are you in between two names? 

If you aren’t 100% set on a name yet, personalization may not be the right choice. And it is completely okay to want to meet your baby before deciding on her name.

You can definitely choose cute outfits that don’t include personalization. Both my girls wore this little pink number home from the hospital.

newborn baby girl in pink outfit

That’s another factor to take into account when considering personalization, if you want to have several kids and have something that can be worn by more than one of them then you’ll want something without personalization.


Lastly, you need to consider the season your baby is going to be born in. Snowmen or snowflakes will work for winter but not other times of year.

You’ll also want to dress baby warmer or cooler depending on the time of year although they’ll need a hat and feet coverings pretty much year-round as they won’t be able to regulate their temperature well yet. 

You may also want to bring a few receiving blankets to keep the baby warmer if she is born in the winter.

Baby Girl Take Home Outfits

You’re going to fall in love with these adorable outfits! Remember, it’s always ok to have lots of choices or just add the extras to the regular wardrobe.

Adorable Woodland Baby Girl Outfit

If you are not sold on personalization on your coming home outfit, this adorable woodland 3 piece footless outfit is a perfect coming home outfit that your baby can wear again and again. 

It comes with a hat, a sweet little headband and the ultra soft footless onesie set.  I love the muted colors of the onesie that is beautiful and feminine.

woodland infant girl outfit

Floral 3 Piece Baby Girl Set with Personalization 

Go girly to the max with this cute floral and pink three piece set.

You can have it personalized with your baby’s girl’s name. I love the way the pink flowers pop against the black. This might be my favorite on the list.

floral girl coming home outfit

Classic Personalized Coming Home Outfit for Baby Girl

If you are looking for something more classic, this footless pajama set is so clean and classic. It’s absolutely timeless. Some of the things I love about this are the understated, graceful look to the personalization on both the outfit and the hat,  the spectacular pink bow and the practicality of the feet and hand covers. 

I have seen the little baby mittens sewed into a baby outfit countless times, but the same idea with the baby’s feet is perfection.  This sweet coming home outfit is just angelic. 

monogrammed baby girl outfit

Personalized Soft Swaddle

A baby swaddle is absolutely invaluable. It helps your baby girl feel safe and secure and can even help her sleep better.  

The personalization is a bit subtle but beautiful. Not only can you have your child’s name put on it but you can also choose from a list of fonts that will make your baby’s swaddle ultra personalized, it will be as unique as they are.

It also comes with a matching little hat to keep your sweet baby warm.

The swaddle is so soft and so gorgeous that it will not only be your favorite swaddle but it would be great in your baby’s newborn pictures.

personalized baby swaddle unisex

Contemporary Floral and Striped Newborn Girl Outfit

I really love the cute little striped sleeves and legs on this outfit. The colors are soft and feminine. It can be personalized with your baby’s name.

The little laurel of flowers and the flower on the tiny hat are just so sweet. It comes with the outfit plus hat and headband.  This outfit is just so snuggly and soft. You can’t go wrong with this one.

personalized baby girl outfit

Last Minute Baby Girl Outfits for leaving the hospital

All the above outfits are from Etsy and with personalization, shipping and customization typically takes a little bit longer. If you are in more of a rush and still want an adorable coming home outfit for your baby girl, I have found my two favorites on Amazon.

Bright, Beautiful 5 Piece Coming Home Outfit

This outfit is not only beautiful but with the bright colors, it looks so fresh. It comes with the little shirt, the pants (with the soft wide waistband), a hat, a headband and a matching receiving blanket. 

The little print is very contemporary and isn’t overwhelmingly pink but is still very feminine.


Ultra Stylish Coming Home for Baby Girl

This outfit is absolutely Instagram-worthy.  It’s beautiful big roses on the grey stripes are so pretty and stylish. Then the sweet little white shirt with gold wording. They also give you a matching hat and headband. 

The whole thing is absolutely precious and your baby girl is going to be the best-dressed baby in the hospital. Perfection.

Things to Remember When Ordering

A few things that you need to keep in mind and remember when you are ordering your baby girl’s coming home outfit, have a back up, consider production and shipping time, take newborn and 0-3 month sizes and always read all the descriptions of any product you purchase.  

Having a Back Up

Babies are unpredictable. And a lot of things can happen to your perfect going home outfit that you might need a second outfit. From diaper explosions, spit up, and just a clumsy visitor spilling something on your baby’s freshly laid out clothes, you never know what is going to happen. 

It is better to be prepared and take two outfits just in case.  

Shipping and Production Time 

Make sure you understand how long it is going to take for the shop you purchase your baby’s outfit from to make any personalizations and get it shipped to you. You also want to order it early enough that it will make it if your beautiful baby girl decides to make an early arrival. So plan on the outfit getting to you at least 3 weeks before your due date. 

Taking two sizes newborn and 0-3 months 

Do not assume your new baby will fit into newborn clothes. Some babies are born big enough that they will go straight into size 0-3 months. So be sure to have one in that size as a back-up.

Read all the descriptions of any product you purchase

Remember to read carefully all descriptions before you make your purchase, you may find that the outfits tend to run a little smaller or bigger or due to demand it will take longer to get to you. 

Bringing home your newborn baby girl from the hospital is going to be one of the most joyous days of your life. And she deserves a beautiful, memorable coming home outfit. There are so many cute styles of outfits for baby girls, find one that matches your family and showcases the newest member of your family. 

This moment will only happen once so feel free to make it special!

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