Most Adorable Baby Boy Coming Home Outfits {Personalized Options Too!}

Having a new baby is such an exciting time in a family. Whether your baby is your first or not, your baby needs his own coming home outfit.  Coming home outfits can be personalized or just something extra cute for all the photos you are going to be taking.

You can read our tips or just jump straight to the outfits!

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How to Choose a Going Home Outfit

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your baby’s outfit.


Of course first and foremost is the style of the coming home outfit.  The day you bring your newborn home from the hospital is usually the first time you really get to choose what your baby wears and it will probably be the day that everyone is going to be taking lots of pictures of your bouncing baby boy.  

So you want to choose something you absolutely adore. 


While you want the cutest outfit you can find, you also need to remember the practicality of having a baby. Newborns can need up to 10 diaper changes a day. When choosing an outfit keep in mind how easy it is to get on and off your infant. 

Newborns also have an umbilical cord stump that you want to keep clean and dry and you don’t want something irritating it. If you choose something with a waist band make sure that the waistband sits low on the baby’s abdomen under his umbilical cord stump. 

The last factor I would consider is the baby’s car seat. You want to make sure that you can get the baby’s legs separated to go around the center buckle.

Personalized Coming Home Outfits

Having a personalized coming home outfit is so sweet. It’s definitely something you’ll want to put in his keepsake box.

Many shops on Etsy allow you to have the baby’s name or monogram added to the outfit.   You need to make sure to order any custom orders with plenty of time for shipping.

Make sure that you check with the  Etsy seller and read all descriptions to allow plenty of time for personalization and shipping.

Size: Should you get Newborn or 0-3 Months for a going home outfit?

Most babies under 8 lbs and some babies that are 8 lbs will fit perfectly in the newborn size clothes, but larger babies will need a 0-3 month outfit.   

Late term ultrasounds are highly unreliable on size of babies. To be on the safe side bring both newborn size and 0-3 month size.  

If your baby fits in his newborn size, then you have another cute outfit for him to grow into. Then if your little boy is a surprise big boy, you won’t be scrambling to have someone bring you something generic for a going home outfit. 


Lastly, you need to consider the season your baby is going to be born in. A cute little outfit with snowflakes will feel out of place in June.  But all newborns need little hats and feet coverings because they can’t regulate their temperatures like a child or adult. 

You may also want to bring a few receiving blankets to keep the baby warmer if he is born in the winter.

Baby Boy Take Home Outfits

You’re going to fall in love with these adorable outfits! Click the pink title or the image to learn more and order yours!

Monogrammed Baby Boy Gown

There is nothing more convenient for a newborn baby than a baby gown. It is easy access for diaper changes and has zero restrictions around the umbilical stump.  Plus babies just look extra cute in little baby gowns. 

This one on Etsy comes personalized with your baby boy’s name on the hat and across the front of the little gown.

monogrammed baby boy gown

Another great thing about baby gowns, they will fit a big baby or a tiny baby just as well. So if you are concerned about getting to the hospital and finding out that ultrasound was way off, this gown will be perfect for any size baby.  

Hi I’m New Here Coming Home Outfit 

On the opposite end of the spectrum of a baby gown is this adorable little 3 piece outfit. With the personalized hat, the pants, and the little shirt.

hi i'm new here coming home outfit

The band on these pants is nice and wide and soft, it will easily go under your son’s umbilical cord.

The cute personalized hat will be perfect to add to a keepsake box without taking up a lot of space.

Personalized Monogrammed Footless Pajama Set

These footless pajamas are absolutely adorable with personalization in three places with baby boy’s monogram, his sweet name on the little hat and on the front of the pajamas.

monogrammed footless pj outfit boy

Make sure to take some little socks or booties if you choose this going home outfit to keep his little toes warm.

Personalized Swaddle

This little swaddle and matching hat will be perfect in newborn pictures.  

It’s a perfect unisex choice and you can use it as a blanket when they get past the swaddle stage.

personalized baby swaddle unisex

Babies need to be swaddled to help limit the Moro reflex from startling them awake in their sleep. 

Baby Boy Woodland Outfit

This little coming home outfit is super cute and super soft.  If you are planning a woodland themed nursery this cute romper is a perfect choice!

baby boy woodland outfit

Baby Boy Bow Tie Pajamas 

This personalized zip-up footie pajama set is my absolute favorite of all the coming home outfits on this list.  The little bow tie just makes me melt. 

baby boy monogrammed bow tie outfit

These are super soft and come in a variety of sizes, so you can keep the cuteness going for your baby’s whole first year.  Baby boys in bow ties, what could possibly be cuter?

Last Minute Baby Boy Outfit

While all the options on Etsy are super cute, super soft, and personalized, if you are in a hurry and need a last-minute coming home outfit for your baby boy, I found a few quality, cute outfits that you can get quickly from Amazon.

New to the Crew Baby Boy Outfit

This is a 3 piece coming home outfit that has a wide soft waistband that will not bother your baby boy’s umbilical cord. Just make sure that it goes down below his little belly.

I love the soft little hat that says “Little Man.” It just melts my heart. 

Airplane Baby Boy Coming Outfit

This little airplane outfit that comes with a hat is a great last minute coming home outfit.

This outfit tends to run a little large, which works great for a growing baby.  The ribbed band around the legs are so soft and stretchy. 

Things to Remember When Ordering a Coming Home Outfit

Make sure you read all the Etsy descriptions before you order and make sure that you give plenty of time for personalization and shipping. Make sure that the arrival time is at least 2-3 weeks before your baby’s due date, in case he decides to come a little early. 

Make sure you have a back up outfit because babies are unpredictable and diaper explosions or spit up happens.  Also have two outfits in both the newborn size and the 0-3 size so you aren’t asking your mother in law to stop and get the right size to bring the baby home in. 

Bringing your baby home from the hospital is one of the most joyous days of your life and having a special coming home outfit is something you will remember always. Make sure you choose one that you love and take a back up so you get to bring your baby home in something that you choose.

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