Gifts for Disney loving parents of babies and toddlers

We all have those friends that are obsessed with Disney (I may be one of these). So what do you buy their kids for birthdays and Christmas? Check out this great list compiled with the help of my cousin Rebecca over at where she blogs about all things Disney. Below are 15 ideas sure to please both the parents and kids alike.

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1. My First Minnie Ride On

Have a little one in our life that you’ve never seen sitting still? Give them some wheels this holiday season, and let them see the open road – or living room, either way. Grab this cute ride here.


2. Mickey Mouse & Friends Nesting Blocks 

Learning toys are always a great hit for young tykes! Help them jump ahead of the class with this nesting block set.


3. Disney Flip Open Foam Sofa

Nap time just got a whole lot better, because every time is a sleep over with your child’s best friends! Give them sweet dreams this season by clicking here.


4. Disney Matching Game

These memory boosting card match games will give young children a great boost in life. These would make a great stocking stuffer and come in Mickey or Disney Princess versions.


5. Disney Mickey Mouse Happy Hauler

Go, go, go in style with your child’s very own little red corvette (don’t worry, they won’t go too fast). You can grab this little beauty by clicking here.


6. Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Music Mat

Music makes the world go around, and this Mickey Mouse Music mat will make your youngin’s world spin. Grab it here for a fun gift for your future Beethoven.


7. Little Princess Magical Playset

Every princess needs a dream house. This holiday season watch your princess’s eyes sparkle when they open this doll house fit for a queen!


8. Disney Classics on DVD/Bluray

Culture up with this classic. It rivals the live action, and your child will love the colorful animation. Grab it quick, before it goes back in the vault. Start building your little ones library of Disney classics like Beauty and the Beast today.


9. Toy Story Collection

It’s hard to believe Toy Story isn’t a Disney Classic, it’s certainly a classic from my childhood. There are really just too many good Disney movies to choose from. Relive your childhood with your little one with the entire Toy Story Collection.


10. Disney bath toys

These beauties beat a rubber ducky any day. Make bath time fun again with these Disney themed bath toys.


11. Disney Princess Dress up trunk

Because small children dressed as princesses is the cutest thing in the world. This trunk of treasures is sure to make every young princess smile.This set comes with four dresses and is exclusive to Amazon.


12. Children’s Activity Center

Your little one will be over the moon when they catch a glimpse of this activity center on Christmas morning. Arts and crafts in the front, books and storage in the back. Inspire their creative side with one of the five different Disney inspired options.


13. Disney Frozen Accessory Set

Because hard as I have tried to change it, Frozen is still the hot thing. This set is sure to result in at least 50 more renditions of “Let it Go.”


14. Toy Story Boots

I can’t wait to dress my little girl in Cowboy boots and these Toy Story themed ones are too cute to pass up. Your little one will be the best dressed kid in the west with these on their feet.


15. A Trip to Disneyland

This last one can’t be bought on Amazon.Sharing their love of all things Disney is the ultimate dream of any Disney fanatic. Grab them a giftcard or an annual pass if you’re feeling generous so they can share their excitement with their little prince or princess. And if they need help planning a trip check out all the insider tips over at

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