I survived my third month of blogging! I’m definitely still learning a lot and making mistakes. A lot of learning is done through trial and error and testing things to see what works for me at this point. I’m hoping some of what I’ve found helpful and the mistakes I’ve made will help you with your blogging venture. This month was exciting as I actually made money. It was a fluke in a way and a one off that isn’t repeatable on a regular basis,

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I’ve finally completed my first month of working on my blog. I’m starting my Income Reports before I actually have an income as the expenses have already started. Yes, you have to spend a little before you make anything.

This post contains affiliate links. I may get a small commission if you use one of the products I did. 


Total Income: $0

I only launched at the very end of May so I don’t expect to have any income this month and not much for at least a few months.

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