50 uncommon girl names and their meanings

Looking for the perfect name for your little girl? Here are 50 cute names that are NOT on the top 50 most popular list according to the US social security administration. All of these are bit unique but still pretty enough to be worthy of your baby!

Name meanings

I decided to go ahead and include baby girl names and meanings on this list. Beware though, learning the meaning of a name can totally kill an otherwise cute name!

I used at least 3 sites to check the meanings for each name and often they disagreed or couldn’t list an origin and meaning! Meanings can change over time and also vary by the culture so I personally wouldn’t put much stock in them, but they’re here if that’s important to you.

A few examples, Cecilia, an otherwise beautiful name, means blind. Not sure I’d want to give that name knowing the meaning. There are names like Juliana which are a feminized version of a name so the meaning is downy bearded or youthful.

More modern names like Presley have an unknown origin and meaning other than being associated with a celebrity. Just keep these things in mind when deciding on a name.

Without further ado here are the names in alphabetical order! Be sure to grab my Printable Baby Name Worksheet if you need help organizing all the great name possibilities.

50 cute girl names

50 Unique girl names and their meanings

1 – Adeline

Origin: French/English     Meaning: Noble


2 – Alexandra

Origin: Greek     Meaning: Helper and defender of mankind


3 – Anastasia

Origin: Greek     Meaning: resurrection


4 – Annabelle

Origin: English/French     Meaning: beautiful “Anna”


5 – Arabella

Origin: English/Scottish     Meaning: obliging, invokable, yielding to prayer 


6 – Ariana

Origin: Greek     Meaning: Very holy one


7 – Brielle

Origin: English/French     Meaning: unknown


8 – Callie

Origin: Greek/English     Meaning: most beautiful or a form of Caroline


9 – Camille

Origin: Latin     Meaning: Virginal


10 – Catalina

Origin: Spanish     Meaning: Pure

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11 – Cecilia

Origin: Latin     Meaning: Blind


12 – Charlie

Origin: English     Meaning: Free


13 – Daniela

Origin: Hebrew     Meaning: Judged by God


14 – Destiny

Origin: Latin/English     Meaning: Fate


15 – Elliana

Origin: Latin/French     Meaning: Sun, light, moon


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16 – Finley

Origin: Latin/French     Meaning: fair-haired warrior


17 – Gemma

Origin: Latin     Meaning: Jewel

Baby girl genevieve

18 – Genevieve

Origin: unknown    Meaning: unknown


19 – Hadley

Origin: English     Meaning: heather field


20 – Isla

Origin: Scottish    Meaning: Island


21 – Joanna

Origin: Hebrew     Meaning: God is gracious


22 – Josie

Origin: English/Hebrew     Meaning: short form of Josephine, God will increase


23 – Juliana

Origin: Latin     Meaning: downy-bearded, youthful


24 – Kayla

Origin: Irish/Greek     Meaning: slender/pure


25 – Kaylee

Origin: unknown     Meaning: a combination of Kay & Lee


cute uncommon baby girl names


26 – Kennedy

Origin: Gaelic     Meaning: helmeted chief


27 – Kinsley

Origin: unknown     Meaning: unknown


28 – Kylie

Origin: Australia/unknown    Meaning: boomerang, feminine form of Kyle meaning handsome


29 – Madeline

Origin: French     Meaning: English form of Magdalena


30 – Mariah

Origin: Hebrew/Greek     Meaning: teacher, beloved

Baby girl Maya

31 – Maya

Origin: Indian/Greek     Meaning: name of a goddess


32 – Melody

Origin: Greek     Meaning: songlike, to sing


33 – Morgan

Origin: Welsh     Meaning: sea born


34 – Noelle

Origin: French     Meaning: Christmas


35 – Paige

Origin: French     Meaning: assistant, attendant


36 – Piper

Origin: English     Meaning: a pipe player

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37 – Presley

Origin: unknown     Meaning: unknown

Baby girl quinn

38 – Quinn

Origin: Celtic     Meaning: wise


39 – Raelynn

Origin: unknown     Meaning: unknown


40 – Rebecca

Origin: Hebrew     Meaning: tied


41 – Sadie

Origin: English     Meaning: a form of Sarah, meaning princess


42 – Sienna

Origin: Latin/English     Meaning: reddish brown


43 – Sophie

Origin: Greek     Meaning: wisdom


44 – Sydney

Origin: French/English     Meaning: wide meadow, a city in Australia


45 – Teagan

Origin: Welsh     Meaning: beautiful, creative


46 – Tessa

Origin: English     Meaning: a form of Theresa


47 – Valentina

Origin: Latin     Meaning: strong


48 – Vera

Origin: Latin     Meaning: true


49 – Vivienne

Origin: Latin     Meaning: alive


50 – Willow

Origin: English     Meaning: tree


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