Top Christmas Toys for 2023 {Toddlers and preschoolers}

Maybe you’re one that likes to wait until Black Friday or live really dangerously and shop the week or day before Christmas. But don’t wait on these top toys for Christmas 2023.

Last year you may have struggled to find Fingerling Monkeys or giant LOL ball. Some of these items will get hard to find closer to Christmas and you don’t want to miss out! Grab them today before they’re gone.

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Top Christmas toys 2023 – grab them before they sell out!!!

There you have it, the top Christmas toys for 2023. What are you waiting for? Grab them now before they sell out, or you have to pay high prices from resellers. Happy shopping!

Barbie Dream Camper

My daughter has already spotted this one and has been begging me to get it. Looks like it will be at the top of my Christmas shopping list this year! It is a cute set-up for Barbies that won’t take up a ton of space.

It comes with many small accessories so make sure you only get it for kids that no longer put everything in their mouths!

Magformers Set

Magnetic building tiles have been popular building sets for a while. But I love these themed sets from Magformers.

This log cabin set includes 87 pieces, or there is a smaller set as well. It reminds me of lincoln logs and is perfect for my daughter that loves to build and she can use what she builds for creative play.

Kinetic Sand, Construction Play Set

My kids love kinetic sand! It’s really cool stuff and comes in lots of different colors. This set has a construction site them with a working crane.

It may be a better set for preschoolers than toddlers since it’s designed so you can make blocks with the sand and then knock them down.

Leapfrog, Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart

We have this ice cream cart and my girls absolutely love it! They are constantly making different ice cream combinations for us to “eat”.

We actually have the deluxe version which may only be available on amazon. It’s great because it also has a popsicle section for even more fun.

Doodle Art Fairytale Castle

This cardboard coloring castle is a super cute idea! Your child can color their very own fairytale castle. There are other designs available as well. This one actually has really good reviews and parents say the castle holds up well despite being made of cardboard.

Now you don’t have to worry about your kids preferring to play with the cardboard box the gift came in instead of the gift!

This castle is pretty big so be sure to check the dimensions.

Stomp Rocket

I saw one of these being played with at the park one day and since they’re very affordable we had to have one of our own.

A big plastic piece fills with air. When you stomp or jump on it it sends a rocket flying up in the air. The rockets are foam so they won’t cause any harm when they come down but they can fly quite high and far.

We do always take ours to the park so we don’t lose our rockets over the fence repeatedly.

Little People – Frozen, Elsa’s Palace

Little People playsets have been a hit at my house since my youngest was about 1 year old. She’s almost 5 and still enjoys playing with them.

Put the fun of little people together with little girls love of all things Frozen, especially Elsa and they’ll never want to “Let it Go”!

Paw Patrol: The Movie Tower Playset

My oldest daughter got the previous version of the Paw Patrol tower for Christmas last year, she still plays with it often!

This new version of the Paw Patrol tower is from the movie that came out in theaters this summer. If your kids are Paw Patrol fans be sure to grab the tower before it sells out!


I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t love stickers. A Pipsticks subscription is the perfect gift for any kid. Each month they’ll get a shiny gold packet in the mail filled with a small activity book, postcard, and lots of stickers!

They also get a package to open each month and kids love getting mail. We’ve had our subscription for over a year and my kids still love getting it each month.

Baby Alive – Lulu Achoo Doll

I’m usually not into toys that involve bodily functions but this doll that sneezes is pretty cute. It’s a new doll from the Baby Alive line of toys.

It comes in three different skin tones and includes everything your child needs to give their little sneezing doll a check-up.

Blue’s Clues & You Mailbox Set (by Melissa & Doug)

Melissa & Doug make lots of great toys. This one combines two things kids love, Blues Clues and the mail.

Kids will love pretending to put together and mail their own items. It also includes a small puzzle, memory game, and everything stores inside the mail box.


Done for you subscription play kits for 0 to 5 years old that are sure to have something your kids will love!

Plus they are aesthetically pleasing, open ended, and Montessori inspired! This is the best Lovevery review you need to check out! It breaks down ALL the details with price comparisons for one-off gifts if you prefer!

Toniebox – Choose your favorite character

The toniebox is quickly gaining popularity. You place a character on top of the box and it tells stories and plays songs associated with the character.

It’s a fun screen free way for your kids to listen to stories and songs with characters they love.

While the one pictured features Disney princesses there are tons of characters to choose from and you can grab new characters to keep the toy fresh and fun.

What gifts will you choose this year?!

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