It’s November 1st and the holiday rush is officially beginning. Maybe you’re one that likes to wait until Black Friday or live really dangerously and shop the week or day before Christmas. But don’t wait on these top toys for Christmas 2018. Last year you may have struggled to find Fingerling Monkeys or giant LOL ball. These are the items that will get hard to find within the next few weeks and you don’t want to miss out! Grab them today before they’re gone.

P.S. I checked the Target and Kohl’s ads that were released today and none of these are on special on Black Friday!

Top Toys 2018

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top Christmas toys 2018 – grab them before they sell out!!!

Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn – This may be the hardest to find toy this Christmas season! It combines everything kids love right now, poop, slime, and unicorns. I personally don’t get the slime craze but luckily my little girl is only 2 and my nieces and nephews live out of state so no slime for me! These are flying off the shelves and already getting hard to find so grab one if you see one. Check back frequently at Amazon and Target as they are regularly restocking.

L.O.L Bigger Surprise – The giant L.O.L ball were all the rage last Christmas and topped almost every young girls Christmas list. This year the hot one is likely to be to the L.O.L. Bigger Surprise which comes packed with 60+ all new surprises.

This year’s fingerlings, Wrapples & Pomsies. Those little fingerling monkeys were uber popular in 2017. If your kids loved them they’re likely to love this years versions, Wrapples and Pomsies. Each come is a variety of colors/designs to choose from. You can snag one of these for under $20 so it won’t break the bank either. Make sure you snag one before the prices go up.

The wrapples tail works like a slap bracelet to attach to your child’s wrist and they have over 50 fun sounds for interactive play. For kids 5+

Pompsies are similar, although they look more like a familiar cuddly cat. They also respond to touch and tell you when they are hungry by making one of 50 cute sounds. They are for ages 3+ so they may be appropriate for slightly younger kids than the Wrapples.

For Boys check out Grumblies. An even creepier, uglier version of a Furby. They are 4 different angry guys you can choose from or collect them all.

These little guys have over 40 reactions depending on what you do to them. They’re rated 36 months and up so suitable for younger and older kids that love grosser toys.

furReal Munchin Rex – This little dino will make a lot of kids wish list this year. You can feed and interact with this dino pet perfect for girls or boys. If your child loves dinosaurs this is must-have toy this year. Check out even more great dinosaur toys for toddlers.

Your little animal lover will be after Scruff-a-Luvs this holiday season. These cute little guys come in pink or blue. These are rescue pets. They come looking scraggly but with a little love and care will turn into cute little animals for your kid to love on and take care of.

top christmas toys for little kids

For babies and toddlers try one of these 3 hot toys for Christmas 2018.

Fisher Price Smart Learning Home – Playhouses are always a hit! It has multiple interative areas, 3 learning levels, and over 200 songs, sounds, phrases, etc. to keep your little one entertained all year long. Hard to wrap but makes a great gift from Santa!

One of two popular dancing toys this year Let’s Dance Elmo is the latest toy in the Elmo craze that has continued on. He sings and dances and will encourage your child to dance along. His cute headphones double as a handle making him easy to move around.

Who doesn’t love Mickey mouse?! Hot Diggity Dance Mickey does the Hot Dog Song dance from Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He also does the freeze dance and plays the what’s that sound game. He’s soft to the touch unlike a lot of dancing toys.

There you have it, the top Christmas toys for 2018. What are you waiting for? Grab them now before they sell out, or you have to pay high prices from resellers. Happy shopping!

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