You’ve survived the first 3 months! Hopefully your little one is starting to sleep a bit more and you’re feeling less like a zombie. Over the next three months they will notice their world more and start working on learning how to sit up and roll over. Check out my list of essential items for your 3-6 month old.

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1. Sleep sacks

By now your little one should’ve graduated from their swaddles but may still need an extra layer of warmth. Sleep sacks are great, safe sleep options to add an extra layer for your little one. My husband used to call ours her baby cape as they are basically just a giant piece of fabric with arm holes and a zipper. We used a halo sleep sack but there are many options in many different fabrics depending on your weather. You can check out different options here.

2. Space saver high chair

So you’re probably thinking, why do I need a high chair when my baby isn’t eating yet? We may have even started using our high chair closer to two months and it saved our sanity a bit. Why? Because it allowed us to eat meals together again! The Fisher Price space saver high chair has several recline levels so we were able to recline it and put our infant daughter in there so she could sit at the table with us. She was happy since she was being included and were able to eat a meal with two hands at the same time! It was great to be able to actually sit down together rather than eating in shifts. We have a small kitchen/dining room so the space saver type of high chair was perfect. It attaches to one of your chairs so there’s no need for space for an extra device in your kitchen.

3. Baby toys

Your baby will finally be interested in some simple baby toys! Our favorites are infantino toys and crinkly books. Looks for ones with a variety of textures and colors and your little one will be enthralled. Want to stay on budget? Check out how I made 4 sensory bags for under $10 with items from the dollar store. These were a big hit and so easy to make, trust me I am mostly a DIY fail type of person, if I can do it you can too! If you’d rather buy I made an awesome list of 10 toys you can pick up that will each cost you less than $10! Read it here.

4. Sit me up seat

Once your little one becomes more aware of the world they will want to see more of it. I resisted getting this one for a while but after seeing baby after baby in my mom group love the Sit Me Up Seat I caved and bought one too. My favorite part is it’s lightweight and folds flat so it stores and travels easily.

5. Baby care play mat

I saw this item in someone’s picture in my mom group and immediately asked what it was! It was so bright and colorful. These mats are great for babies that are starting to move around more. It’s the perfect place to practice rolling, sitting, and crawling. The mat is soft with lots of bright colors to look at. It’s also double sided, one side is the alphabet and the other is more for activities and comes in several different themes. My husband liked it so much be bought several for the daycare at our church as well.

Items we’re still using from the last list

Boppy Pillow

Our boppy pillow is now serving a new purpose! It’s great for tummy time since my daughter hates laying flat on her stomach. We also use it to wrap around her when she’s practicing her sitting up. Did you miss the 0-3 month list? Check it out here.

Must have baby items 3-6 months

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