7 Baby essentials for 3-6 month olds

Baby essentials 3-6 months

You’ve survived the first 3 months! Hopefully, your little one is starting to sleep a bit more and you’re feeling less like a zombie.

Over the next three months, they will notice their world more and start working on learning how to rollover and sit up. Check out my list of essential items for your 3-6 month old baby.

Updated March 25, 2020

must have baby items 3-6 months

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This list includes regular baby products that will make your life easier as well as toys for a 3 month old to a 6 month old. As your baby starts to move around more and notice the world they may be interested in some toys.

Just remember that discovering the world is pretty interesting to a young baby as everything is new to them. Keep playtime short and watch for queues that your baby is getting overstimulated and needs a break.

We’re going to cover the products first and then the toys at the end of this short list. It is only 7 products long as you shouldn’t need too many new things for a baby this young. For other baby essentials check out my registry list (with printable checklist) as well as my list of best baby items for 0-3 months.

Baby essentials 3-6 months

Must have baby items for when your child is 3-6 months old.

Best toys for 3 months-6 months

While babies don't need many toys on hand it's good to have a few around. Things that use their developing senses are especially great for young babies just beginning to explore their world. Here are a few of our favorites.

I'd recommend getting non-electronic toys at this age. While things that make music are ok I'd save any flashy lights for later.

This is also a great time to start or continue building your home library. Board books are best at this age as they’ll hold up the longest to being ripped at and chewed on. It’s never too early to be reading to your child on a regular basis.

If you want more toy options make your own sensory bags, I made mine all with items from the dollar store or check out my list of 10 baby toys that cost less than $10!

I hope you love these items as much as we have!

baby essentials 3-6 months

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