These easy toilet paper roll angels make a great Sunday school Christmas crafts for toddlers or preschooler. They’re also a great angel craft for kids at home as you probably have many of the supplies already or can pick them up for a few dollars at your local dollar store! Simply gather some leftover toilet paper rolls and a few craft supplies and soon they’ll have a cute angel Christmas craft flitting about your home.

angel crafts for Sunday school

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sunday school Christmas craft

Supplies needed for Christmas angel craft:

how to make cardboard tube angels:

  1. Cut out wing template leaving the bridge piece between the two wings.angel wing template
  2. Glue it onto the cardstock or draw around the template and cut out your white cardstock wings
  3. Use your finger or a popsicle stick to spread glue over one wing. Try to leave the center area free of glue and decor.
  4. Stick feathers or fake craft snow all over the wing to cover it. I suggest laying the wings in a box or plastic bin to contain the extra mess. Let the kids feel the different textures of what they’re putting on the wings.glue feathers to angel wings
  5. Repeat for the second wing
  6. Use tape to attach the wings to the center of the toilet paper roll. (You can use glue but then they will need to be stationary to dry)
  7. Create a halo out of a gold pipe cleaner. Wrap the remaining ends to form a stem.pipe cleaner halopipe cleaner halo with stem
  8. Tap the stem into place along the center of the wings. Leave enough height so the halo hovers above the head of the angel.
  9. Last, use the markers to draw a sweet face on your angel.toddler friendly angel craft

These angels can be made in less than 15 minutes making it great for a quick Christmas craft and can easily fit into your Sunday school lesson at church. I hope the kids have fun making them!

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