The two shirt nursing method {The easy way to breastfeed in public}

Once we get brave enough to venture out into the real world with our newborn baby a common next thought is: how can I breastfeed in public while maintaining some modesty?

The two shirt nursing method is a simple solution that everyone mom should have as one of their breastfeeding hacks. You may also hear it referred to as the double shirt method.

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I used this method both at home and when out in public with both of my babies, they both nursed for over 18 months each.

It’s super easy and you can use special nursing clothes or you can make it work with a regular shirt that’s already in your closet which may save you some cash.

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What you’ll need:

You’ll only need 3 things to make this work!

  1. A tank top, preferably with a built in bra or a nursing top.
  2. One of your regular tshirts, you can use almost any kind of shirt so long as it isn’t too tight.
  3. Your hungry breastfed baby!

How to use the 2 shirt method

1 – First put on the tank top or nursing top.

When I used the two shirt method I actually used some simple tank tops that I bought in packs of 3 at Costco. Most of them lasted me through nursing both of my babies.

Unless you have very small breasts you will want tank tops with a built in shelf bra since you won’t be wearing a bra underneath.

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If that doesn’t provide enough support then you’ll need to try one without the built in bra and wear a nursing bra underneath or purchase nursing tank tops.

2 – Next you can cover up your tank top with one of your regular shirts. You just don’t want anything that’s too tight across the chest and shoulders as you’ll be lifting it up.

3 – When your baby is hungry simple raise your top shirt up above one breast and then pull down that side of the tank top or nursing bra.

4 – When your baby is finished unlatch them and quickly pull up your nursing bra or tank top and then switch sides or if you are done with the nursing session simply pull your top shirt or outer shirt back down.

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This will keep your stomach covered and limit the part of you that is actually exposed. I usually sat in a chair to nurse and would turn myself towards a wall for a little extra privacy.

Will I need a nursing cover?

You could also use a nursing cover on top of all that but I never wanted to have to drag yet another item around with me and most babies don’t like be covered up while they’re trying to eat.

Can I use a button up shirt?

If you want more coverage you could also use a button up shirt so that there is more coverage for you mid section. Simply unbotton the top few buttons and pull the shirt to one side before pulling one side of the tank top down as we mentioned before.

Just know that this will leave you slightly more exposed on top.

What nursing positions does this work with?

Most women use this method with the cradle hold or cross cradle hold. But you can use it with any breastfeeding position that you prefer.

It’s as simple as that. If you still aren’t comfortable you can always go to your car to feed your baby or more and more places do have breastfeeding rooms for new moms.

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