Clogged milk ducts are a common ailment for breastfeeding moms. Most of us are going to encounter it at one time or another. I had one that felt like a large marble, I’m not sure how it even fit there! It took about a day for it to go away. I tried many things on this list and my daughter was finally able to get it out! Try these repeatedly until something works. It’s important to take care of it before it becomes mastitis.

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      Breastfeeding can be tough but there are items that can help make it easier. From items to help with positioning, item to increase supply, clothing, to educational items they are all here. I have personally used most of these items and the others come highly recommended by other moms. Check out this list of must have breastfeeding products for new moms.

      Find all my breastfeeding tips and tricks on my BREASTFEEDING page.
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        Breastfeeding is an amazing, though at times challenging, journey for mom and baby. No two breastfeeding journeys or relationships are the same. It’s definitely something to be celebrated! Here are 5 amazing ways you can commemorate your breastfeeding relationship, try one or all of them! Breastfeeding is amazing whether you did it for three days or three years.

        breastfeeding relationshipbreastfeeding relationship

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          As with many topics there is a lot of misinformation out there about breastfeeding. Many of these myths can actually be harmful to your breastfeeding success! In this post we shed the light on 7 Breastfeeding Myths so you can be more informed and not do something silly like pump and dump your precious liquid gold. Want to know more about where to get help, when you should stop breastfeeding, and if you can get pregnant while breastfeeding?

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            Nursing your baby can look like this

            ….but more often it looks like this

            The reality is that breastfeeding is 10% sweet and 90% crazy, at least for me! So what does it feel like to breastfeed? What is breastfeeding really like? Breastfeeding is:



            Titty Twisting



            Popping off to stare around and expose you…then yelling at you because the boob is gone

            Nipple damage

            Biting (come one do they really need teeth this young?!)

            Acrobatic nursing

            Baby testing how far your nipples can stretch

            Feeling absolutely touched out

            Wondering if your breasts will ever be sexual objects again

            Wondering if your breasts will ever stop being this strange shape

            It’s pumping at work to keep up supply

            It’s dealing with hot nursing covers

            It’s nursing in strange places to get a little privacy

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              You’re not a failure at breastfeeding…they just didn’t warn you.

              They didn’t warn you how hard it could be. They didn’t tell you about all the problems that could occur. They didn’t tell you it isn’t always this easy natural experience. Sometimes it’s hard and you have to fight to keep at it. And once you solve one thing a new issue or baby behavior will crop up. Breastfeeding is tough but worthwhile. I just wish I’d been prepared and it would’ve saved a lot of tears,

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