For my fellow SoCal mamas summer might not mean that much of a change…but I know some of you have these things I’ve heard about called seasons. Whether you’re headed to the lake, camping, or to the beach like me there are some essential products to keep your little one safe and happy this summer.

This article contains affiliate links but all products are my own choices or suggestions from my mom group.


Please, please, please keep your little one’s skin protected from the sun. Not only will a burn be a painful experience but repeated sun damage can lead to skin cancer later in life. So protect them now and teach them good practices for later in life.

So grab some from Target, Amazon, or even your local gas station and slather up yourself and your kids before heading out for summer fun. If you are concerned about the chemicals you’re putting on your child click here to see a comparison of sunscreens from the Environmental Working Group. We’ll be using ThinkBaby once my little one hits the 6 month mark.

Please note that sunscreen is not recommended for babies under 6 months of age. As with any product, even a natural/organic one, test it on a small area in case of reaction before you apply it everywhere.

Sun hat

As if babies don’t already have enough cute gear they make awesome sun bonnets for babies. I was able to find one that offers UV protection as well. The wide brims will help to keep bald heads, necks, and ears out of the sun and offer extra protection for little faces.

Swim suit

Anyone else immediately have the yellow polka dot bikini song pop into their head?…just me?…moving right along then. Every baby needs an adorable suit for swimming. For younger babies they also make suits with UV protection that cover their arms and legs. These are perfect for little ones with very sensitive skin or ones that are younger than 6 months old where sunscreen is not an option.

Baby sunglasses

To finish off their summertime outfit any cool kid needs a pair of sun glasses. Necessary or not they are adorable! You can get regular pairs in lots of different colors or if your baby is given to taking things off they make these that have a band to keep them on. Now your little one can be part of the cool crowd.

Swim diapers

Nobody likes pee in the pool so grab a pack of swim diapers before you let your little one dive in. They will keep all the mess contained while your water baby splashes around.

Sun shade

Shade is essential for keeping little ones cool. They make lots of baby sun shade tents that will provide shade while still providing plenty of air flow. When putting baby in a tent or covering their stroller or pack n play be very careful. While providing shade, covering whatever they are in while out in the head can make it quite hot and dangerous.

Read more here about the dangers of covering strollers and other devices in the heat.

Stroller fan

You may also want to consider a stroller fan for those hot outings. You charge them up and they clip right on to the stroller provided a cool breeze on a hot still day. Supposedly they last about 3 hours on the battery charge. Just make sure to keep them where little fingers can’t reach.


If you have an older car like we do you probably find that the A/C doesn’t do a very good job of cooling the back seat. One product I’ll definitely be considering this summer is the Noggle which helps get the cool air to your little one in the back seat.

Bug spray

For those of you in balmier clients you may always want some bug repellent for your outdoor fun. They even make a greener version with none of the harsh chemicals we want to keep off our babies. As with the sunscreen make sure you test it on a small area in case of any reaction before slathering it on.


Hopefully I thought of something you hadn’t yet. If you have a summer baby essential you love that didn’t make my list please leave it in the comments below. Have a happy and safe summer!

Everything you need to have a fun and safe summer with your baby.

Author: socalmama