Music can be a great tool to make baby stop crying or just a fun way to bond. From nursery rhymes, to Disney, to Top 40, and everything in between, every baby has a song that will soothe them. Here are some of the songs moms reported their babies are in love with, including my daughter’s favorite! Check out the list and discover which one is your baby’s favorite.

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My daughter’s favorite

Kicking the list off with my daughter’s favorite, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, the Hawaiian sounding version by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole. It will always get her dancing and can calm her down when upset. Sometimes we even use it to help get her to sleep!


No kids music playlist would be complete without a little Disney music! The overwhelming favorite seems to be Moana “remember the coconut”!. We don’t watch movies yet but I still get these songs stuck in my head from the Pandora Disney music station. The music is pretty fun, some of my favorites are:

“How Far I’ll Go”

“You’re Welcome”

“Where You Are”

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are generally a safe bet when it comes to kids. The favorites seem to be:

“Itsy Bitsy Spider”

“You Are My Sunshine”

“I’m a little teapot”

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Songs from TV & Movies

TV has also supplied a lot of baby favorites. Check out these favorites for some inspiration:

“You’ve got a friend in me” from Toy Story

Bubble Guppies theme song

“Elmo’s World Song” from Elmo

The Adam’s Family theme song

“Everything is Awesome” from The LEGO Movie

Pop music favorites

Popular music is, of course, popular with the babies as they hear us listening to it on the radio. I was surprised how many babies love “Despacito”! Other favorites include:

“Beautiful Boy” – John Lennon

“The Happy Song” – Imogen Heap

“A Mother’s Prayer” – Rachel Aldous

“Havana” – Camilla Cabello

“Baby Beluga” – Raffi

“What you Give” – Tesla

“Feel it Still” – Portugal

Anything from the Jewel Lullaby album. Her version of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” is one of my favorites.

Bonus Song: For the canadian moms

The Canadian Moms report a song called “Wheat Kings” by The tragically hip as being a song their little ones love!

Hopefully, this list gave you some inspiration. Every mom needs a go-to song to calm their little one. Did we miss your little one’s favorite? Be sure to share it below! To listen to all these songs try out Apple Music!





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