How to shave while pregnant {yes it’s possible}

As you enter the later part of the second trimester and early third trimester you usually feel pretty good. Nausea has subsided but you aren’t exhausted and whale like yet. But, slowly your stomach starts to grow and your legs, feet, and private parts slowly start to disappear.

Attempting to shave suddenly becomes a comedic event involving contortions only seen in a Cirque du Soleil act. What’s a pregnant lady to do?!

We’ve got solutions and answers to your other growing questions about hair removal during pregnancy and if it’s even necessary.

how to shave while pregnant

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Shaving your legs while pregnant

Shaving is one of those monotonous grooming chores that we just take for granted…until you suddenly have a giant pregnant belly that prevents you from doing it! Luckily we’ve got 5 tips to help you with hair removal on your legs while pregnant.

1 – Use an arm extender

If you’re still determined to do it yourself and all your contortionist moves are no longer working you may consider a device to make your arms longer! They make these razor extenders so that you can shave without bending down.

2 – Have it waxed

If you’re usually the shaving type like I am you could try out waxing instead. The kind that is done at a salon by someone else. I can’t imagine that smearing hot wax on your own legs would be any easier than using a razor would be.

However, if you’ve never waxed before pregnancy can be a hard time to start. Your blood flow increases during pregnancy and your skin may be more sensitive meaning waxing can hurt even more than it normally would.

3 – Try a cream

I’ve never had success with hair removal creams but you could give one a try. According to this study, they are safe to use during pregnancy provided they DON’T CONTAIN hydroquinone or topical retinoids.

I always recommend checking with your OB or midwife about the specific product you intend to use (Lord knows you see them often enough during pregnancy!)

4 – Have your husband help

My second favorite option is to ask your husband for help…provided he has steady hands. Hand him the razor and let him take care of this task for you. If this sounds too personal just wait until childbirth and postpartum!

If you’re willing to let strangers wax you or your OB do regular check-ups you should be ok with your husband helping you shave. Don’t worry, it’s not going to ruin any mystique. There will be bigger issues with romance after childbirth than him helping to shave your legs a few times.

5 – Skip it altogether!

That’s right, you can skip shaving altogether if you want! Especially if it’s a time of year when you won’t be wearing dresses or shorts. Your doctor and nurses aren’t going to be offended by a little hair.

Ask in a large Facebook group of moms and you’ll find a lot of second-time moms and beyond respond to the question about shaving with exactly this answer…just skip it!

If you’re a first-time mom this might sound terrible and impossible but soon it will probably be the least of your worries. Heck, with a newborn you’re lucky if you can shower on a regular basis, let alone find time to shave!

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What about alternative methods like laser removal?

From what I’ve found there have not been studies on the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy (since it wouldn’t be ethical to do such an experiment). So I don’t think you’d find a salon willing to do it even if you decided you wanted it.

I’ve actually done laser hair removal in the past and unfortunately, the results did not last.

I pretty much only shaved mine if I was wearing a dress during my second pregnancy. I’m sure I shaved more often with my first but I can’t actually remember that far back! I was too busy chasing a toddler and being uncomfortable with sciatica and pregnancy insomnia during my second pregnancy to care about things like shaving my legs on a regular basis.

As for down there? I went with option 4 once my belly got too big…which happens earlier in your second pregnancy. For my own comfort, I don’t like things completely au naturel so I had my husband help me out a few times.

How to shave your pubic area while pregnant

Removing hair from your private parts during pregnancy is an entirely different ball of wax. Most of the same techniques from above apply to your pubic region as well. You can have it waxed or have your husband help.

If you only want to trim it your husband can use scissors or put a new blade on his razor and use that. This is one area that will become almost impossible to see no matter how limber and flexible you are.

The other thing you can try is a hand mirror. That can help you to see down there but without a direct line of sight, it will be hard to shave down there without an accident or to actually do a good job.

Should you shave during pregnancy and before giving birth?

There is no right or wrong answer to removing leg or pubic hair during pregnancy! It’s a personal choice…just don’t do it because you’re worried that someone else expects it!

Remember that your body is more sensitive so be prepared if you decide to try waxing for the first time.

If you’re someone who must shave hopefully one of the methods mentioned above will help you out. If you’ve got another method that worked for you please share it below in the comments so other moms to be can give it a try!

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shaving while pregnant

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