15 Elegant Royal Names for Baby Girls

Regal Baby Girl Names fit for a Queen

Looking for an elegant and strong name for your baby girl? How about a name straight out of royalty? These 15 names all belonged to a queen…or often several queens throughout history. They’re perfect for your little lady in waiting.

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1 – VICTORIA – The first on our list of royal names for girls, the name “Victoria” is an incredibly elegant yet bold name meaning “victory” in Latin. With its strong vintage origins, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom donned the name well as she ruled for over 63 years. Modern versions of the name include “Tory” and “Vicky”.

2 – ELIZABETH – The name “Elizabeth” is naturally one of the most popular of royal names for girls as its origin is deeply rooted with historical female rulers, most commonly associated with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, coronated into the British throne in 1953. There are many varying nicknames for “Elizabeth” including “Beth”, “Eliza” and “Lizzy”. Of Hebrew origin, the meaning of this name varies between “my God is an oath” or “pledged to God”.

3 – ALEXANDRA – A powerful and somewhat exotic-sounding name, “Alexandra” is of Greek origin and the feminine version of “Alexander”. Queen Alexandra of Denmark adorned her royal name by her ruling as the Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of India in the early 1900s. The name “Alexandra” has many tasteful nicknames such as “Alex”, “Lexi” or even “Allie”.

4 – MARY – In royal history, the noble name “Mary” has been given to such historic rulers as Mary, Queen of Scots. The origin of the name “Mary” has been debated due to its varying origins. It is the anglicized version of “Maria” which is likely Hebrew for “sea of sorrow”, there are records of the name meaning “wished-for-child” or “lady of the sea”. In Christian sources, it is most famously remembered for the Virgin Mary.

5 – ANNE – The name “Anne” is a simple yet timeless name that means “favored, grace”, originating from the Hebrew name “Hannah”. With its many variations such as “Ann” and “Anna”, it has a deeply embedded history of influential feminine figures. In history, there is an immense record of royal women by the name of “Anne”, such as the late Queen Anne, who became the first sovereign of Great Britain in 1707, and in today’s world, Anne, Princess Royal and only daughter to Queen Elizabeth II.

6 – GWEN – A modern version of the more elaborate name varieties such as “Gwyneth”, “Gwendolyn” and “Guinevere”, this elegant Welsh name means “white, holy” and even “blessed, happy” in some contexts. Although not directly tied to a feminine person of power, its royal construction was likely created to honor “Gwynedd”, the name of an ancient Welsh kingdom of the middle ages.

7 – DIANA – An unforgettable and bittersweet royal name, “Diana” is of Latin origin, meaning “divine”. Most known for the British Royal family’s incredibly tragic loss of Princess Diana of Whales in 1997, this name is beginning to make a steady comeback in popularity. The name “Diana” can be nostalgically tied into charitable, bold and dignified personality types for baby girls.

8 – CATHERINE – A name with an incredible variety of variations and nicknames, “Catherine” is among the oldest, and most prolific royal names known throughout history. “Catherine” is of Greek origin meaning “pure” and is most commonly spelled with a “C” in modern times rather than the medieval variant “Katherine”. It is most commonly associated in modern times with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who married into the British royal family in 2011.

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9 – MARGARET – This famously classic and ancestral royal name is on-track to making a comeback for parents who wish to name their baby girls in a stylish fashion. The name
“Margaret” has close relations to Christian royalty, and importantly, was the name of Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister, Princess Margaret Rose Windsor, Countess of Snowdon. Princess Margaret was famously known to be someone rebellious yet unforgettable by her family and fans, making the name “Margaret” appealing in modern times.

10 – SAVANNAH – The warm and inviting name “Savannah” is of Spanish origin, commonly meaning “flat tropical grassland”. This name, as popular as it has been over the last few decades, has only been formally introduced as a royal name when Savannah Philipps, great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, was born in 2010.

11 – ANASTASIA – Intricate and bearer of many origins, the name “Anastasia” is most famously remembered as the youngest daughter of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II. In
Greek origin it means “resurrection”, also a near-ancient name that has been used since the Middle Ages. The name, while a historic one, is incredibly classy and powerful.

12 – CHARLOTTE – The name “Charlotte” is the feminine element of the name “Charles” and is rapidly increasing in popularity both as a first and middle name for baby girls. First introduced in Britain in the 17 th century, this powerful yet elegant name had been given to Prince William’s daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana in 2015.

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13 – JOSEPHINE – A refined and classic name, Josephine has been donned by many feminine royal figures and saints throughout history. This name is of French origin, meaning “Jehovah increases”. In recent years, this name has only climbed up the ranks in popularity when the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark named one of their twins Josephine at birth in 2011.

14 – LOUISE – This beautiful name means “renowned warrior” and is of French and English Origin. “Louise” graces whoever bears the name with a virtuous personality type. Prince Edward’s daughter is named Louise, giving a promising outlook of this lovely name to climb the ranks amongst popular girl names.

15 – ZARA – An intriguing name amongst the vintage variety, the name “Zara” is of Arabic, Hebrew origin meaning “princess” and “to blossom”. This name had earned its popularity within
the upper class when Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, named her own daughter Zara in 1981.

Any one of these names would be beautiful for your own little girl! Need more names to consider? Check out our Baby Names page for more great ideas.

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