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Baby Boy royal name list

Looking for princely names for your baby boy? Look no further than this great list of 25 names straight out of the history books. These names belonged to past royalty and make amazing baby boy names.

If these names are fit for a king they should be perfect for your little prince too! We’ve included the meanings behind the names too.

royal baby boy names

1 – Archie

Origin: German/Teuton      Meaning: Genuine, Bold, Brave

Short for Archibald, Archie is the most recent name to grace the royal family as it’s the name chosen for the son of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle.

While popular in England, this name does not have any personal historical connections to the royal family. It’s likely to see a surge in popularity in 2019.

2 – Edward

Origin: English      Meaning: Wealth, Fortune, Guardian

Unlike Archie, Edward has been the name of 8 English kings including Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest son. Edward means “wealth”, “fortune”, and “guardian”. 

3 – William

Origin: German      Meaning: Will, Desire, Protection, 

William is a popular and classic royal name, and the name of Prince Charles’ oldest son. William means “will,” “desire,” “protection,” and “resolute protector.” 

4 –George

Origin: Greek      Meaning: Farmer, Earthworker

Like Edward, George is no stranger to royalty, and is the name of Charlotte and Prince William’s oldest son. 

5 – Henry

Origin: German     Meaning: Home ruler

There have been many Henrys in royalty, including Henry VIII, notorious for getting rid of wives in his quest for a male heir.

A variation of the name Henry is Harry, and the name of Prince Charles’ youngest son Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. 

6 –Augustus

Origin: Latin, Dutch      Meaning: Exalted, Venerable

Augustus is a name of kings and emperors and aptly means “exalted” and “venerable.” In fact, it was the name of Rome’s first emperor, born Gaius Octavius Thurinus. 

7 – Phillip

Origin: Greek     Meaning: Friend of Horses

While rarely used today, the name Philip is no stranger to royalty. France has celebrated six King Phillips and Spain has celebrated five King Phillips.  

8 – Frederick

Origin: German     Meaning: Peaceful Ruler

Frederick is a royal name that has spread across the Holy Roman Empire, Austria, Germany, Prussia, and Scandinavia and brings with it a certain elegance and classic style. 

9 – Albert

Origin: German     Meaning: Noble, Bright

Albert was common in medieval Germany, rare in 17th centry Englad, but became more popular in the 1800s by Germany’s Prince Albert, who was the husband of Queen Victoria. Albert is also featured in the famous pipe tobacco brand from the early 1900s– Prince Albert in a Can. 

10 – Louis

Origin: French     Meaning: Renowned warrior

Louis was a fairly popular name for French royalty. That is, until King Louis XVI was deposed during the French Revolution. Before that, however, 18 kings bore the name. Other famous kings include Louis I, the son of Charlemagne and Louis XIV, the Sun King. 

11 – Alexander

Origin: Greek      Meaning: Defending Man

Probably the most notable bearer of this name is Alexander the Great. However, after him three emperors, eight popes, and several kings and saints also bore the same name. 

After Alexander the Great, eight popes, three emperors, and numerous kings and saints were named Alexander.

12 – John

Origin: English, Greek, Hebrew     Meaning: Gracious

John is most notable in Christianity and the Bible (John the Baptist, John the Apostle), but it is also one of the most popular names in the United States. Rulers of Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria, Russian, Hungary, England, and France have all been home to rulers named John. 

13 – Douglas

Origin: Scottish     Meaning: Dark, River

Douglas, meaning “dark river” was originally the name for a river, but then became a name borne by powerful earls of Scottish clans. 

14 – Patrick

Origin: Latin     Meaning: Nobleman

While fairly popular in recent centuries, Patrick is actually one of the more rare names bestowed on by royalty. Saint Patrick is probably the most famous person bearing the name. 

15 – Francis

Origin: Frenc     Meaning: Frenchman

Other variations of the name (and spelling) include Frances, Frank, Franny, Francine, and Francesca. Saint Francis of Assisi (patron saint of animals and the environment) and Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini (first American to be canonized) are the most famous bearers of this name.

16 – Antony

Origin: Latin     Meaning: Priceless, Inestimable worth

Antony doesn’t just appear in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, it is also the name of Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, the first Earl of Snowdon. He is the husband of Princess Margaret, and the brother-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II. 

17 – Edgar

Origin: English     Meaning:  Wealth, Fortune, Spear

Meaning “wealth,” “fortune,” and “spear,” Edgar was the name of a 10th century English king named Edgar the Peaceful. 

18 – Edmund

Origin: English     Meaning:  Wealth, Fortune, Protection

One of King Henry III’s sons and the 9th century East Anglian king who refused to share his Christian kingdom with danes, Edmund means “wealth,” “fortune,” and “protection.” 

19 – Geoffrey

Origin: French, English, German     Meaning:  God, Peace

King Geoffrey, the petulant and sadistic king of the Andals and 7 kingdoms in the Game of Thrones HBO series most definitely does not embody the meaning (“God”, “Peace”), but Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou does. 

20 – Lionel

Origin: English, French     Meaning: Little lion

In Arthurian legend, Sir Lionel was Sir Lancelot’s cousin. Lionel was rarely used until Edward III named his son Lionel. 

21 –  Nicholas

Origin: Greek     Meaning: Victory of the People

Meaning “Victory of the People,” Nicholas was the name of St. Nicholas, patron saint of Russia and Greece, sailors, wolves, and children. It also was the name of five popes and two czars of Russia. 

22 – Richard

Origin: German     Meaning: Brave power

The 1500s and 1600s favored the name Richard. The most famous bearer of the name was King Richard, or “Richard the Lionheart.”

23 –  Robert

Origin: German     Meaning: Bright fame

Like Richard, Robert was fairly popular as well. France, Normandy, and Scotland were home to royalty named Robert, including the Scottish King Robert, who helped his country earn their independence in 1320. 

24 –  Victor

Origin: Latin     Meaning: Victor, Conqueror 

Expectedly, Victor means “victor’ and “conqueror.” Victor has been the name of several saints and popes including Pope Victor II, who was known as a reformer. 

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