Princess Awesome Review: Unique dresses for girls!

I want to share with an awesome line of dresses I came across from Princess Awesome. The company was started by, and run by two moms. I love supporting other moms and their dresses are so cute. They’re not only cute but unique. They have options from infant up through girls size 12. Every little girl deserves one of these fun dresses!

Princess Awesome

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More and more of us are trying to create more opportunities for our daughters and break the gender stereotyping that starts as babies. We’re thinking more about the toys we supply our little girls. Dolls are fun, and princesses are great, but we also try to give them building toys and trucks too. For instance, as a little girl, I was super into bugs, much to my mother’s chagrin lol. We’re trying to move away from the idea of boys toys and girls toys and letting kids play with what they will! But what about their clothing?

If you walk into a clothing shop most of the girls’ clothes are still pink and purple and covered with princesses and butterflies. Now don’t get me wrong, my daughter has all sorts of Disney themed tops and there’s plenty of pink in her wardrobe. But recently we added a fun new addition to her wardrobe, a blue dress covered with yellow construction trucks. She kept pointing to the trucks so I could tell her what they are.

Princess Awesome truck dress

The story behind princess awesome

This adorable dress is from the brand Princess Awesome. The brand was started by two moms after one mom realized that her daughter loved robots, and wouldn’t wear any of the dresses for sale in the girls section. Not because she didn’t like dresses, but because she was into robots, not butterflies! The idea was born to create a clothing line that lets girls decide what it means to be girly. That might mean a pink dress with robots on it. A blue dress with construction trucks. Or a top and shorts set with math symbols! That’s right, the line doesn’t include only dresses, it includes other options for girls that aren’t into dresses.


Review of the short sleeved Princess Awesome Dress

So what about the dress we bought? We couldn’t be happier with it! As I said, my daughter was excited about it as soon as I put it on her. She kept looking at the pattern and pointing out the trucks. The clothes are bright and colorful which my toddler loves! The dress is also very soft. They also have dresses that are sleeveless and ones with long sleeves.

Made to twirl. I love the cut of these dresses. They are fully functional for play and they are made to twirl! My daughter hasn’t quite discovered twirling yet but I’ve seen the dresses in action elsewhere. Everything is cut and designed to be functional for kids. My daughter ran around all over the park in her dress.

Robot Dress

Pockets. So often as an adult, I’ve bemoaned the size of pockets on women’s clothes. If there are actual pockets they are generally so small that they’re hardly functional. These little dresses come with pockets, big ones perfect for hiding treasures in. My daughter put rocks in her and a little dog figure that I later found in my dryer…guess I better get used to checking pockets before I wash her clothes.

If your daughter loves something non-traditional or you just want to expand her horizons check out these fun dresses!


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