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Birth affirmations can be a great tool to use during labor and delivery of your baby. They can help you to focus on the right things and get into the mental state needed for a natural birth. But they can be great for medicated or C-section births as well. Most of them are about your body being strong and capable, something to remember no matter what type of birth you end up having.

birth affirmations

guide to birth affirmations

How do you make birth affirmation cards? Some of the ones I’ve listed have printable versions available. Otherwise, you can get some pretty notecards, or even blank flashcards and make your own. You could even stick them on your phone if you wanted to. Some women like to string them together and hand them up in their delivery room at the hospital or birth center so they can be read more easily.

This is post 25 in my series, 31 days of advice for the mom to be.

Birth Affirmations for Natural births

Generally, birth affirmations are thought of as one pain management technique for having a natural birth.

These 30 from The Nurturing Root and definitely geared towards those have a natural, medication free birth.

These 9 from Kindred Bravely are beautiful and perfect for any type of vaginal birth. They come prettily displayed like the one below so you can print them out and use them.

birth affirmations

These beautiful ones from Park Slope Parents are also geared towards a more natural birth. They also include affirmations for after baby has arrived!

Birth Affirmations for C-sections

Deciding to have a C-section, either planned or necessitated during the birth process can be a big decision. But, sometimes it’s what’s best for mom and baby. Check out these birth affirmations made specifically for those having a cesarian birth.

Cesarian birth affirmations from The Maya’s Nest.

These affirmations from Beautiful in his time aren’t specific to a C-section but are generalized to be used with any type of birth.

Christian Birth Affirmations

If you are a Christ follower check out these birth affirmations from The Ministry Mama which include bible verses and God centered birth affirmations.

If none of these speak to you then use them as inspiration to write your own! It’s your birth so you want affirmations that you can connect with and that will help you get in the right frame of mind for birthing your baby. Birth is a beautiful, though messy and painful process. You should feel proud of what your body is capable of, no matter how you baby is born!

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