20+ Positive Birth Affirmations: Includes printable birth affirmation cards

Birth Affirmations for Labor

Positive birth affirmations can be a great tool to use during labor and delivery of your baby. They can help you to focus on the right things and get into the mental state needed for a natural birth. But they can be great for medicated or C-section births as well.

Most of them are about your body being powerful, strong and capable, something to remember no matter what type of birth you end up having! Each woman will find different ones speak to her so check out this list and choose the ones that speak the most to you. Then start reciting them so they can be your mantra during birth. You’ve got this!

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positive birth affirmations

Do birth affirmations really work? You can read more about the mind-body connection as it relates to birth in this article from Pathways to Family Wellness.

Birth Affirmations for Natural births

  1. It’s not pain, it’s power
  2. My body knows how to birth this baby, just as it knew how to grow this baby
  3. These waves will not pull me under
  4. Each wave brings me closer to meeting my baby
  5. Just like the flower, my body knows how to unfurl
  6. I can do anything for one minute
  7. I am prepared and ready for childbirth
  8. The power and intensity of my contractions cannot be stronger than me. They are me.
  9. The moment I’m ready to quit is the moment before the miracle happens
  10. I will meet my baby soon
  11. Just Keep Swimming – Finding Nemo
  12. I am stronger than I think!
  13. I trust my body to know what to do
  14. Relax the mind and the body will follow
  15. I am prepared to meet whatever turns my birthing takes
  16. I am a birth warrior
  17. I call on the strength of those women who have gone before me
  18. My baby and I are working harmoniously together.  We are grateful for this powerful experience
  19. With each exhale my body opens wider.
  20. There is nothing to fear
printable birth affirmations

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Printable Birth Affirmations

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How to use Birth Affirmation Cards

How do you make birth affirmation cards? Purchase some pretty cards, or even blank index cards will work to write down the ones you like. You could even stick them on your phone if you wanted to.

Some women like to string them together and hand them up in their delivery room at the hospital or birth center so they can be read more easily. The term birth affirmations were made popular by hypnobirthing but can be used no matter what birthing method you are using and have existed long before hypnobirthing became popular.

Grab my free printable guide to pregnancy and you’ll get a page with 6 of the birth affirmations listed above along with 9 other pages of printable pregnancy guides.


Birth Affirmations for C-sections

Deciding to have a C-section, either planned or necessitated during the birth process can be a big decision. But, sometimes it’s what’s best for mom and baby. Check out these birth affirmations made specifically for those having a cesarian birth.

Cesarian birth affirmations from The Maya’s Nest.

Christian Birth Affirmations

If you are a Christ follower check out these biblical birth affirmations from The Ministry Mama which include scripture and God-centered birth affirmations.

funny birth affirmations

If none of these speak to you then use them as inspiration to write your own! It’s your birth so you want affirmations that you can connect with and that will help you get in the right frame of mind for birthing your baby. Birth is a beautiful, though messy and painful process. You should feel proud of what your body is capable of, no matter how your baby is born!

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printable birth affirmations

Positive birth affirmations for pregnancy

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