Pint Size Productions Personalized Board Books Review

My daughter loves looking at photos! Young toddlers love looking at faces, hence the love of photos and baby dolls. I wanted to make a custom board book for her of all her grandparents, but not one with just the flimsy pictures that she can rip up. So I did what I always do in this situations, I consulted my mom group and asked if anyone had had a custom board book made for their child. One mom chimed in that she had used Pint Size Productions so I decided to check them out and I’m so glad I did! We made the perfect personalized board book for her that she loves.

pint size productions Personalized books for kids review

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I generously received a free book as well as compensation for this product review from Pint Size Productions. All opinions are my own. 

Our Custom Board Book

Pint Size Productions has so many options to choose from! We went with the style called Love Is that is all about family. It was perfect since I wanted to make her one with all her family members. We were able to edit the photos as well as the text on almost every page of the book.

Custom "Love Is" Board Book

personalized board book


The book is sturdy and the photos look fantastic. I have named everyone in the book I’m not sure how many times since our book arrived. She loves flipping through the pages and pointing out all her relatives, near and far. She even loves seeing herself on the cover of the book!

personalized book for kids

personalized books for toddlers


The process of creating your personalized board book

The process of creating my book was so easy! The hardest part was definitely choosing a style and which photos to choose.

  1. The first thing to do is to create an account so that you save any projects you start. As busy moms, we’re always getting interrupted in the middle of projects and you don’t want to have to start all over.
  2. Choose a book style. The 8-page spreads come in many varieties and they also have16-page spreads if you think you need more spaces.
  3. Upload your photos to the website. I used photos I took with my iPhone 6S, so they don’t have to be professional photos to look good in your book
  4. Choose your photos for each page and edit the text if you like
  5. Buy your book. They are made and printed in the USA and will arrive quickly at your door!

Other personalized books for kids

They offer so many different styles there’s sure to be the perfect book for you. They have over 15 styles in their 8-page spreads. Some of my favorites are the “Love Is” one we received. They also have a cute Dinosaur themed, Monster themed, and their very own bedtime book!

  • Dinosaur board book

For a special occasion like Father’s Day, you can make Dad a special book just for him! It’s the perfect excuse to snap lots of photos.

Father's Day custom book


There’s even one just for Christmas! Make it for them to read themselves or as a special gift for a grandparent.

Christmas board book


Boynton Book partnership

They also have a unique partnership with Boynton Books. Most of us have at least one of these in our libraries at home such as “Are you a cow?”. You can make your child personalized versions of some of these favorites on the Pint Sized Productions website! How cute is that?


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personalized board books

pint size productions review

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