Music can be a great tool to make baby stop crying or just a fun way to bond. From nursery rhymes, to Disney, to Top 40, and everything in between, every baby has a song that will soothe them. Here are some of the songs moms reported their babies are in love with, including my daughter’s favorite! Check out the list and discover which one is your baby’s favorite.

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My daughter’s favorite

Kicking the list off with my daughter’s favorite,

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Kid clothes are just too cute! Here’s a rundown of the cutest Valentine’s Day outfits for your kids.

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Valentine’s outfits for babies

Is your cutie celebrating their first Valentine’s Day? Celebrate with one of these cute outfits for the smallest Valentines.

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Unfortunately getting sick is an unfortunate part of life and parents don’t get sick days from parenting. You babies, toddlers, older kids, and heck even your husband will still expect you to be the mom. But this is one time you should definitely give yourself permission to do less! Check out these 7 tips to help you survive being sick as a mom.

Sick mom survival guideSick mom survival guide

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This post is inspired by my grandparents. Whenever we went to visit you would see little love notes that they would leave for each other all over the house. (#relationshipgoals). This can be a great practice any time of year for Anniversaries, birthdays, or if you’re relationship just needs a pick me up. But Valentine’s Day is an especially great time to do a 14 day love challenge.

Miss having a February 1st start date?

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Valentine’s Day is coming and I was trying to think up a cute idea for a card for my daughter to give to my husband. She’s only one so she can’t exactly do arts and crafts just yet. So I came up with this fun idea to make a Valentine’s Day handprint card from her to him. This makes a great card for Father’s Day too! Check out the directions below.

How to make a Valentine's Day handprint cardHow to make a Valentine's Day handprint card Post contains affiliate links.

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Who doesn’t love unicorns and rainbows?! These free printable unicorn valentines are perfect for your child to give to their friends and classmates on the big day. Includes versions with or without To/From lines.

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Valentine’s will come as an 8.5×11 PDF format with 4 on the page. Print them on card stock for the best look. If you want them to have a colored back purchase colored card stock.

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