Inside Out and polka dot nursery theme

One of the most fun parts of having a baby is planning a nursery. For my first I decided to do an Inside Out theme room, it could easily be done just as a polka dot room as well if you nix the characters, or you could change them to different characters to fit your fancy. Why Inside Out? It’s fun and colorful without being overly girly. You could actually use it for a boy as well with a few simple changes.

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Wall decals


The first thing you’ll need for your Polka Dot/Inside Out themed nursery are the dots and the characters. I grabbed the characters on Amazon. They come in a big set with various character decals and phrases inspired by the movie. They stick well. You can get a spray adhesive if you want but it wasn’t necessary for us.

For the dots, I purchased a pack on Etsy. The dots came on large sheets. I actually needed 2 sets to complete our room. We had maybe 3 that fell off the wall, again we did not use any adhesive. These dots are great as they are able to be taken and down and moved. You can also find a variety of dot wall decals on Amazon.



Accent Paint

An accent paint color is completely optional. I wanted to make our room look a bit more girly for my daughter so we painted the bottom part of the wall a nice bright pink. It went well with the bright colors…and Bing Bong is pink after all.


Art Work


I was fortunate enough to get hand made art work gifted to us. We hung them on the far walls and not over the crib for safety. We live in California where earthquakes are a possibility so we don’t hang anything directly over the crib. You can find lots of great inside out printable wall art on Etsy.



I was able to grab these fun Inside Out themed curtains on Amazon, unfortunately it looks like they are almost out of them. If you can’t snag these you might consider a solid color that matches a color on the dots or a solid curtain with polka dots. Have fun making the room your own!


Toy Organizer


The Toy organizer is one of my favorite things! I love items that can be dual purposed and the colors fit in with my decor as well. (They actual come in a few different color combinations) You can find these on Amazon and it will come straight to your house so you can start organizing all your baby swag.




Last of course you’ll need a crib or pack n play and a dresser/changing table if you want. We went with the DaVinci 4-in-1 convertible crib and the matching dresser with a changing table area on top. They come in a variety of colors so mix and match to your hearts content. I took the nobs on our dresser and painted them in primary colors to match the dots in the rest of the room.




Do you have a great nursery theme? Share it in the comments. If you have cute photos to share I’d love to see them!

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Polka Dot Nursery
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