Here is our list of must have Mother’s Day gifts. Being a mom is great, but a mom isn’t all she is. Celebrate Mother’s Day this year with these fun gifts that are about who she is, not about her role as a mother. Pair them with a mother related gift to create the perfect balance.

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Hair/Nails/Spa Day

As busy moms, we often forget to take the time to pamper ourselves. So send her off for a “me” day to get her hair or nails done or even a spa day with a sister or good friend. Ask your friends for recommendations or snag a deal on Groupon.


Jewelry can be found on this last and our mom related gifts post. However, while the jewelry there is all about the relationship between mother and child, the jewelry here is purely about making moms feel pretty. Get her a lovely piece of jewelry or something fun based on things she loves! Check out these ideas below or find some of your own. My personal favorite is the Disney ears necklace. I just snagged one for myself and they come in all different characters.

Concert Tickets

Grab her tickets to an experience she will love. Whether it’s her favorite band, a sports game, or a play. Get her a couple tickets so she can go out and have some fun, sans kids.

Pamper Basket

A fun gift can be a basket full of things for the mom in your life to pamper herself with. Fill it with items they love and make sure to give them some time to use it! You can grab a basket at a local craft store or grab a basket with all the trimmings on Amazon. Ideas for the basket:

  • Bath bombs – I’m not a big bath person myself. However, my cousin is a bath bomb aficionado and tells me Lush bath bombs are the very best!
  • Favorite bottle of wine or other beverage
  • Chocolates or other candy
  • A book by her favorite author or her favorite magazine
  • A nice smelling candle

Coloring Apron

Looking for an original idea? Is she enjoys coloring or art and cooking or baking how about one of these cool coloring aprons? This is definitely a gift she’s unlikely to find and get for herself.

Coloring apron

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are gaining popularity and you can now find a box for all kind of interests. It’s the gift that keeps on giving as they will get it month after month. (You can generally gift a certain number of months so you aren’t on the hook indefinitely) Below are some great ideas. If none of those fit try googling subscription box and something she’s interested in. Just try to check reviews so you’re getting something good!

    • Sock fancy subscriptionfor the lover of fun socks, get them a fun new pair delivered each month
    • Oxford Momma boxthis fun box includes a book and 3 or more self-care items for a little monthly pampering and me time
    • Wine subscription box – I’m not much for wine myself but I scoured the reports on best wine subscription clubs and Winc seems to be high on all the lists. Get $20 off your first order.

Nice Date Night

If all else fails a nice date night is always a nice gift. Just make sure you take care of the planning. Pick a date, a place she likes, and set up a sitter for the kids. It’s her gift so she shouldn’t have to do a bunch of work to make it happen. Take her someplace nice or maybe a place that is special for the two of you. Have a night where you celebrate and remember back when you were dating and have some good kid free fun.

I hope you were able to find a great gift idea from our list of must have Mother’s Day gifts. Still need ideas? Feel free to drop a little about the woman you’re buying for in the comments and we’ll see what other ideas we can come up with. Bookmark this list for later and be sure to check out the companion list, Super Gifts for Super Moms that has all mom related gift ideas. 

must have Mother's Day gifts

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