I’ve finally completed my first month of working on my blog. I’m starting my Income Reports before I actually have an income as the expenses have already started. Yes, you have to spend a little before you make anything.

This post contains affiliate links. I may get a small commission if you use one of the products I did. 


Total Income: $0

I only launched at the very end of May so I don’t expect to have any income this month and not much for at least a few months. The first income goal is to earn enough to cover the cost of running the blog.


Total Expenses : $16.42

$9.00 Fiverr – I used a freelancer on this site to create my site logo. I got lucky and loved what I got on the first try…I’ve heard it can be hit or miss at times but I got something I loved my first time out. Click here to get a freelancer to help you with your blog.

$3.25 BlueHost. I paid for one year of hosting. It was a much better deal to pay the whole year up front for $71.28 than to pay it monthly. You can sign up for hosting through BlueHost here.

$4.17 Color U Bold stock photos. Every blogger needs stock photos to use for pinterest images, post photos etc. I love the photos from Color U Bold because they’re so bright and eye catching. I used their photos for the pin image for this post as well as the picture at the top of the page. It cost me $25 for a 6 month membership and I get new photos each month.

Takeaways from April/May

  1. You have to spend a little to get started.
  2. I wish I had waited a little longer to launch. Don’t write time sensitive posts until you have a good amount of other content ready. I had spent a bit of time writing a Father’s Day gifts posts so I had to launch if I wanted to get that post out there but I wasn’t truly ready. I was still figuring out the basic nuts & bolts of blogging so I was limited on time to actually promote that post and write additional content. Without that post I probably would’ve waited another month before launching. So I guess the takeaway here is to not rush, it’ll be less stressful and you’ll have a better site at launch.

Goals for June

  1. Write more posts. It’s early days so I want to focus on beefing up my content.
  2. Continue to figure out how to blog. There are so many variables that I’m still learning.
  3. Learn a lot more about Pinterest as it’s apparently the key to getting blog traffic.



Income report for my first month of blogging. Mom blogger income report.

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