These fun lollipop ghosts made from tootsie pops make perfect gifts for your child’s classroom, co-workers, or to give out to trick or treaters! Easy to make they’re a fun way to jazz up a normal lollipop into a cute, yet scary treat this Halloween.

You can easily add a hanger to these tootsie pop ghosts to make them a part of your Halloween decor at home or around the office. Your kids will have a blast helping you decorate these guys. This was one of my favorite Halloween crafts as a kid. Prefer to make them just as decor without the lollipop inside? Check out how to make kleenex ghosts.

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Materials needed:

  • 1 box of kleenex or other tissues
  • 1 bag of tootsie pops or other lollipops with a similar shape.
  • Some sort of string to use as a tie. You can use twine, string, yarn, or embroidery thread which is what I used.
  • Markers for decorating. You will need markers as crayons or pencils will shred the kleenex. Markers with a thinner point may be slightly easier, but I’d use whatever you already have at home.

lollipop ghost supplies

Creating your lollipop ghosts:

  1. You’ll need to use 2 kleenex for each ghost to keep the wrapper from showing through. Lay them crossing each other and then stick your lollipop in the center with the stick pointing up. how to make lollipop ghosts
  2. Wrap the Kleenex around the head of the tootsie pop to create the head of your lollipop ghost.
  3. Tie your embroidery thread or other string just below the candy to create a neck. I prefer to use a festive color of embroidery thread or yarn but you can also use string, twine, pipe cleaners, or whatever else you have around. Make the string extra long if you plan to create a hanger for your ghost treat.toddler halloween craft
  4. OPTIONAL: Using your long ends tie them into a knot to create a loop so your ghost now has a hanger.
  5. Next, use your markers to create a fun or scary face for your tootsie pop ghost! You can also use googly eyes, stickers, etc to decorate them.Lollipop ghosts Halloween craft
  6. Now you’re ready to display them or gift them away. You can stick the lollipop sticks in a box or foam to create a display, hang them on a tree, or just place them in a treat bucket ready to be enjoyed!

How your kids can help!

Kids of any age can help with the decorating. Give them some markers, googly eyes, anything they might want to put on their ghosts! The hardest part is definitely tying the thread or string to create the neck and the hanger. But, even your toddlers could help lay out the kleenex and add the cotton ball and you can just do a quick tie before setting them free to decorate. These little guys will definitely liven up your house as part of your Halloween decor this year!

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Lollipop ghost Halloween treats

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