June income report – 1st full month blogging

This is my Income Report for my first full month of blogging. I’m starting my Income Reports before I actually have an income as the expenses have already started. Yes, you have to spend a little before you make anything.

This post contains affiliate links. I may get a small commission if you use one of the products I did. 

Review of June Blogging outcomes


Total Income: $0.31

$0.31 from Google Adsense. I switched to Adsense the last week in June and I’m new so I’m still working to get my traffic moving.


Total Expenses : $65.28*

$17.99 Blog by Number ebook by Suzi Whitford. This is a great and low cost tool that will walk you through getting your blog up & running, post ideas, how to increase traffic. You could probably find a lot of these ideas online but purchasing her book will save you hours of time researching on Pinterest and lay it out in a logical order of events. There’s even a checklist to take you step by step through getting started.

$3.25 BlueHost. I paid for one year of hosting. It was a much better deal to pay the whole year up front for $71.28 than to pay it monthly. You can sign up for hosting through BlueHost here.

$4.17 Color U Bold stock photos. Every blogger needs stock photos to use for pinterest images, post photos etc. I love the photos from Color U Bold because they’re so bright and eye catching. I used their photos for the pin image for this post as well as the picture at the top of the page. It cost me $25 for a 6 month membership and I get new photos each month.

$9 Milotree. This is a cool pop-up for your site that will encourage people to sign-up for your newsletter and like you on social media. It rotates through the different options and you can customize how often it appears to a user.

$12.95 Canva for work. Canva is great for creating Pinnable posts essential to driving traffic to your site.

$1.00 Purchased a photo on Canva

$16.92 Facebook Ads

*I used money I received through one of my favorite side hustles, Swagbucks, to pay for the ebook so my actual cost was only $47.29.


I received 1,367 pageviews in June. It was my first full month so I have nothing to compare it to yet.

Social Media

I just started using Twitter and Instagram in mid-June so I’m still working on figuring out how they work, I didn’t use these platforms much pre-blogging. Pinterest and Facebook are much more familiar. Through Facebook groups I’ve been able to join a few pods which have really helped with getting likes, comments, and retweets as well as general information and support.

Facebook: 25 followers

Twitter: 38 followers

Instagram: 139 followers

Pinterest: 106 followers

Things that worked in June

  1. Keep on pinning! I had a spike to 192 pageviews one day. It got re-pinned enough to actual show on the algorithm and brought me in a lot of views.
  2. . I took a great free email course called “Pinterest Growth Challenge” from the Glorious Mom Blog. You can check it out here.
  3. I played around with a couple different picture editing sites but Canva was the best so I paid for the upgraded account there.
  4. I switched to Google Adsense and started seeing a little bit of income coming in from ads.

Goals for July

  1. Get 1800 page views. To do this I need to average 58 per days which seems achievable.
  2. Grow followers on social media
  3. Optimize Google Adsense
  4. Start researching more about SEO
  5. Learn more about getting email subscribers

Social media goals

Facebook: Increase to 35 followers. This is a small increase but it seems to be the toughest platform to gain followers on.

Twitter: Increase to 150 followers

Instagram: Increase to 300 followers

Pinterest: Increase to 200 followers

Subscribers: Increase to 15 email subscribers. I’m sitting at 0 right now so I’m looking to start building my email list.

June blogging income report