I survived my third month of blogging! I’m definitely still learning a lot and making mistakes. A lot of learning is done through trial and error and testing things to see what works for me at this point. I’m hoping some of what I’ve found helpful and the mistakes I’ve made will help you with your blogging venture. This month was exciting as I actually made money. It was a fluke in a way and a one off that isn’t repeatable on a regular basis, but it’s exciting none the less. I also made my first earnings through Amazon Associates which gives me a sigh of relief as I don’t have to worry about my account being deactivated for lack of any earnings. One less thing to stress about is always a win.

This post contains affiliate links. I may get a small commission if you use one of the products I did. 

Review of July Blogging outcomes


Total Income: $253.41 + $25 Amazon gift card

$2.60 from Google Adsense. Unfortunately the payout threshold is $100 so I have a long way to go. As my traffic slowly increases my monthly payment amount should increase too.

$0.81 from Amazon Associates. I made my first affiliate earnings through Amazon Associates! This is definitely one of the easiest affiliate programs to join. The commissions are small but just about everyone shops on Amazon.

$250 from babygenie.com for winning a blogging contest! I was on Twitter late one night and saw that they were running a contest for blog posts about their new site babygenie.com. They were also offering a $25 Amazon giftcard for the first 4 to submit their entry. It was in my niche and I love Amazon so I made it a late night, checked out the website, and wrote up a post about it called Pregnancy resources at babygenie.com. I’m not sure how many entered but at the end of the month I was announced as the winner of the contest and received the $250 dollar prize! My first major win as a blogger and it allowed me to actually have a profitable month! This is a one off but it’s nice to feel like your hard work is starting to pay off.


Total Expenses : $144.30

$3.25 BlueHost. I paid for one year of hosting. It was a much better deal to pay the whole year up front for $71.28 than to pay it monthly. You can sign up for hosting through BlueHost here.

$7.49 Tailwind. I paid for a one year subscription which saved some money. Tailwind is a must have for mastering Pinterest. It allows you to schedule your pins and is also home to Tailwind Tribes, like group boards only better. If you want to get serious about mastering Pinterest you’ll need a subscription to Tailwind. You can schedule pins which saves you time and with the help of Tailwind they will be posted at the optimal time to drive traffic to your blog. Click here to get a free one month trial.

$4.17 Color U Bold stock photos. Every blogger needs stock photos to use for pinterest images, post photos etc. I love the photos from Color U Bold because they’re so bright and eye catching. I used their photos for the pin image for this post as well as the picture at the top of the page. It cost me $25 for a 6 month membership and I get new photos each month.

$12.95 Canva for work. Canva is great for creating Pinnable posts essential to driving traffic to your site.

$2.00 Purchased stock photos on Canva

$13.00 Rafflecoptor. I used Rafflecoptor to run a giveaway and paid for the upgraded plan to get access to help creating the legal mumbo jumbo. Unfortunately my giveaway was a big flop. I don’t have enough of a following yet and apparently offering up a book as the prize wasn’t exciting enough to lure people to enter. I was hoping it would help me to grow the elusive email list. Lesson learned, don’t run giveaways until you have a decent following and a great prize.

$11.00 Fiverr. Fiverr is great for getting help with small tasks. I used it to create my initial logo and this time I used for help creating some graphics for a Pinterest image. Click here if you need help with small tasks for your blog. There are people offering services for creating logos, creating pins, even people who will help solve technical issues with your blog.

$1.95 Facebook ads. This was the last fee from the Facebook ads I had tested out. I think Facebook ads can definitely be helpful in the future but I need to work at choosing the right blog post to run one on so that it can actually pay off with some income.

$27.00 BC Stack of blogging resources. This was a great deal! It only happens once a year but I got a bunch of trainings related to blogging for only $27.00. I’m excited to dive into them and put them to use on my blog.

$81.00 Blog Clarity training. I bit the bullet and finally purchased a pricey course. I took a free challenge with the ladies over at Blog Clarity and it was amazing. Unlike a lot of free trainings it was actually informative and not solely a plug for their product. At the end of the week long challenge I decided these ladies knew their stuff and were worth dropping a large sum for their course. I’m actually paying for it in two installments so I paid $162 for the course. Pinning Perfect is all about how to optimize your posts for Pinterest success and includes a great pinning strategy. Melissa, one of the two women who runs the course works for Burt’s Bees as her day job and regularly talks to Pinterest so she has inside knowledge of changes that are going on. The course is also dynamic in that they regularly update it as things change. There is also a Facebook group just for those that have purchased the training and they regularly comment to answer people’s questions. I’m just starting to work through the training and will keep you posted as to how it works out to increase my traffic. Subscribe at the bottom of this post to get my future income reports.


I received 2,501 page views in July. This was close to double what I received in the first month so I like how my traffic is trending.

My top articles were:

Essential items for your baby registry

Dollar store sensory bags for babies

Top baby items newborn to 3 months


Goal Review

  • Get 1800 page views. To do this I need to average 58 per days which seems achievable. Success, I far exceeded this goal!
  • Facebook: Increase to 35 followers. This is a small increase but it seems to be the toughest platform to gain followers on. Increased to 113. A lot of this was through a Facebook group follow thread but it should be easier to get others to like my page now that I have a decent starting point. 
  • Twitter: Increase to 150 followers Success, I actually had closer to 300 at the end of July.
  • Instagram: Increase to 300 followers Success, I had right around 300 at the end of July.
  • Pinterest: Increase to 200 followers Miss. Only increased to 196, I haven’t been focusing on followers here much as I’ve heard followers don’t matter much for driving traffic. I’ve focused on increasing my following on other platforms instead.
  • Subscribers: Increase to 15 email subscribers. I’m sitting at 0 right now so I’m looking to start building my email list. Miss. I still only have 6 followers and some of those are family. Next month I’ll be working on creating some opt-in freebies to try to start growing this list. 
  • Optimize Google Adsense Still on my to do list
  • Start researching more about SEO Still on my to do list
  • Learn more about getting email subscribers I’ve done some researching but still haven’t successfully grown my subscriber list by much. 

Things that worked in July

  1. I was able to get some cornerstone content up with my essential baby items posts. I have a few more posts that can feed off of each of those that I still need to create.
  2. I grew a lot on social media. I still have a lot to learn but I’m doing better than expected.
  3. I purchased trainings. The only way I’m going to improve is to learn more and you can’t expect everyone to give away their knowledge for free.

Goals for August

  1. Get 3000 page views. To do this I need to average 97 per day. Hoping to keep increasing that average.
  2. Continue to grow following on social media. I especially would like to learn more about growing organic followers and not just other mom bloggers.
  3. Optimize Google Adsense
  4. Create at least one opt-in freebie to start growing my email list.
  5. Work my way through at least the Blog Clarity training.


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July blogging report

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