Best healthy muffins for toddlers {no sugar mini muffins}

Healthy toddler muffin recipes

Every parent knows how picky toddlers can be. It can be hard to come up with healthy items for them to eat. Thankfully these healthy muffins for toddlers have no sugar and are perfect for breakfast or snacks. Make them as mini muffins for a bite-sized treat you can feel good about giving them!

No Sugar?!

Ok, so these aren’t completely sugar free muffins, but they do have no added sugars. All the sweetness is provided my fruit of some sort.

Some may also contain an additional natural sweetener such as honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar. These are great ways to sweeten baked goods without using processed sugar

Just remember not to give honey or any products containing honey to kids under 1.

They may not taste very sweet to you but remember that kids and toddlers taste buds are different. If they aren’t overloaded with sugar early on then they won’t crave it as much as many adults do and these will taste plenty sweet.

healthy muffins for toddlers

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Why do they almost all contain bananas?

How come so many of these healthy mini muffin recipes contain bananas?

The bananas help to provide sweetness as well as working as a binding agent to hold your muffins together. Make sure to let your muffins get super ripe as that will help to make them sweet enough to entice your toddler to eat them.

Why make them as mini muffins?

Most of these are designed as mini muffin recipes. If they aren’t I recommend making them in your mini muffin pan anyway! interpretor

Toddlers will love having a muffin they can easily hold, plus they can have more of them if you make them in miniature!

These can easily be frozen, placed in a lunch pail for preschool or taken along as snacks on trips to the park or zoo. The muffin form makes them a no mess snack and the small size should result in less crumbs then giving a toddler a full sized muffin or trying to break it into pieces.

Which of these recipes is your favorite?! Let us know in the comments.

Healthy muffins for toddlers

Healthy muffin recipes for your toddler. All these recipes are sugar-free!

Healthy muffins for kids

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