Gift ideas for 2-year-olds: What’s on their list?!

Two is such a great age but it can be a little hard for picking gifts. They aren’t babies anymore but they’re still in the early toddler stages and aren’t quite ready for a lot of full-on toddler toys. Here are some fantastic gift ideas that your2-year-old will love, hopefully, more than the boxes that they come in!

Best gifts for 2 year olds

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Play Kitchen

For you budding cook grab them a fun play kitchen so they can cook to their heart’s delight. Be sure to get a heavy one, bolt it to the wall, or supervise your young kids during play. If your toddler tries to climb on it, it could tip over and cause injury! There are tons of fun ones to choose from.

Zoo on the Loose game

While this one says it’s for 4+ I have friends with young toddlers who say their kids love this game! You’ll have to do the reading of the cards but your tot will love putting the animals under, over, in, whatever the game may call for. It can help develop their spatial relationships as well! This one is definitely on our list this year! For a simpler toy geared towards younger kids you could also check out Where’s Bear.

Doll Accessories

My 2-year-old is obsessed with baby dolls and stuffed toys. After seeing her try to push them around in her highchair and every other chair in the house we decided it was time to pick her up a doll stroller. It was a great gift! She pushes her stuffed kitty all around the house and the neighborhood now. Once she got over being upset that she didn’t fit in the doll stroller she’s loved it!

doll stroller

They also make cute doll size highchairs and doll beds to round out your play space.


Reading to your kids is sooo important! You can’t have enough books, plus keeping it fresh helps keep them interested. Add a few more into your rotation or trade gently used books with other moms to create a new to you gift that won’t cost you a dime! Check out a few of our favorites!

Custom Book

Another great option is to make a customized book. You can fill it with photos of your family, your child, your pet, whatever you choose! I made my daughter a cute one from Pint Size Productions filled with all of her grandparents and she loves looking at it and pointing everyone out. You can read our full review of our custom made book and learn how to make one yourself!

personalized board book


Manipulatives make great stem type toys for young toddlers. Let them stretch their minds building fun things whether it’s with mega blocks, magnetic tiles, or a build and spin set. These can help to develop fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and start developing little engineering minds in young boys and girls.

Little People playsets

Imaginative play is just starting in young toddlers. You can give them plenty of things to explore with Little People sets. They’re geared towards the 1-5 age range so they can play with them for a while! The Caring Animals Farm is one of our favorites and you can grab extra animals and other accessories. Little People have tons of playsets to choose from depending on your child’s interests. The sets are solidly built and the pieces are big enough for little hands to handle them easily. Many sets include sounds as well!

They even have several Disney themed sets for the Disney lovers out there!

Balance bike or Tricycle

Getting a first bike is a rite of passage for every kid. A trike or balance bike is perfect for a young toddler. I’m still deciding which way we’re going to go for my daughter. My husband is pushing for a balance bike!


Round out your toddler’s Christmas list with some fun puzzles. They are great for developing fine motor skills and come is all different shapes and sizes. My daughter loves her color ring puzzle and can match them all up appropriately. Animal puzzles are a big hit as well! Anything with large chunky handles like the shape puzzle below will be easy for them to manage!

toddler shape puzzle
toddler gift ideas

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