21 Cute & Free Printable Valentines {for kids to hand out}

The act of handing out valentines is a practice that has stood the test of time. In this digital age, there aren’t a lot of traditions you can truly pass on to your kids but this is one of them!

What has changed is how many choices there are for Valentine’s cards! The internet is full of cute and free printable valentines. Just print out these cards and you’re ready to go! There are fun options for boys and girls no matter their interest.

Printable kids valentines

The practice of giving Valentines dates back to the 1400s according to Celebrating romance in February may date all the way back to the Romans! The earliest recorded Valentine is a poem from 1415.

These 21 printable valentines are just the latest way of exchanging friendly greetings in the month of February. Kids will love passing them out to their friends! Pair them with a candy, toy, or pop them in a cellophane bag and make an entire loot bag.

Which are your favorite?!

free printable valentines

Printable Valentines for Kids

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