11 Beautiful Flower Inspired Baby Girl Names

There’s nothing quite as feminine as a little girl with a flower-inspired name. Flower names for baby girls have a youthful and pure sense to them. They are cute enough to fit a little girl but most are elegant enough for an adult too! 

These 11 flower and nature inspired names are varied from popular to unique and unusual to more common, everyday names. If you are looking for the perfect name for your baby girl that is delicate and feminine then a floral name is the way to go.

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I have included the symbolism of the flower, also the popularity of the name and some celebrities who named their daughters after flowers as well. 


Meaning: pure
Popularity: 34th

Lily reached its peak in popularity around 2011 at the 15th most popular name of the year and has fallen every year since then and is now sitting around 34th most popular name. 

The name Lily takes its meaning from the flower and means pure. Lilies symbolize femininity, love, and purity. 

Many celebrities have named their daughters Lily like Fred Savage, Kate Beckinsale, Greg Kinnear, and Johnny Depp. 

Similar names to Lily are Lillian, Liliana, Lilith, Lilita, and Lillian. 


Meaning: beautiful, famous
Popularity: 115th

Rose is a beautiful, fragrant flower and as a name can mean beautiful or famous. 

 Rose is a name that has not topped the top 100 names in the last two decades, meaning your child will be the only Rose in their class.

Even though it’s not the most popular name, many people use it as a middle name including Kirk Cameron with his daughter Olivia Rose and Kelly Clarkson named her daughter River Rose. Scarlett Johansson also named her baby girl Rose. 

Rosa, Rosalie, Rosie, Rosette, Rosetta, and Rosabella are all other forms of the name Rose that you could use. 

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Meaning: modesty
Popularity: 36th

Not only is Violet a flower name but it is a very traditional name as well. This beautiful traditional name is also seeing a surge in popularity all over the world. In the US, Violet went from 734th in popularity in 2000 to 36th in 2019.

Of course, Violet comes from the English word violet for the very popular purple flower. The Violet flower symbolizes modesty, but can also mean faithfulness, humility, and spiritual wisdom. 

Celebrities who have daughters named Violet include couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, and David Grohl. 

Names similar to Violet are Viola, Violetta, Vyolet, and Lavender.


Meaning: innocence
Popularity 164th 

Daisy flowers mean innocence, purity, childbirth, motherhood and new beginnings. 

While this name isn’t very popular in the US, It is gaining popularity in Australia, Scotland and North Ireland. 

Celebrities who have used Daisy as their daughter’s names include Jon Cryer, Lucy Lawless, chef Jamie Oliver, and Meg Ryan. 

Marguerite is a French name that means Daisy. Other similar names include Daisie, Darsi, Freesia, and Maisy. 


Meaning: love and beauty
Popularity: 131st 

Jasmine is often used to make perfumes as it is a climbing vine with surprisingly fragrant flowers for their size. The flower symbolizes love and beauty and sometimes modesty. 

Jasmine has seen a recent fall in popularity starting in 2001 when it reached 25th in popularity and now sits at 131st most popular names in the US. 

Celebrities who have daughters named Jasmine include basketball player Michael Jordan, comedian Martin Lawrence, and actress Diane Lane. 

Alternative names to Jasmine are Jasmin, Yasmin, Yasmina, and Jasmina. 


Meaning: lasting friendship
Popularity: Unique!

The flower Zinnia symbolizes endurance, lasting friendship and goodness. 

Zinnia is a truly unique name that has never made the top 1000 most popular names in the United States. People consider it a youthful name that feels refined and delicate. 

I couldn’t find one celebrity who had used Zinnia as a baby name. It is truly a unique name. 

Names similar to Zinnia you may also consider Primrose, Zinnya, Azalea, and Magnolia. 

girl child with yellow flowers


Meaning: rainbow
Popularity: 129th

Iris as a flower means faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration.But the word Iris means rainbow in Greek. 

Iris has been slowly regaining popularity as a name in the United States going from 414th to 129th in 20 years. 

Baby girls named Iris have some famous parents like actor Jude Law and comedian Eddie Murphy. 

Names that are similar to Iris include Ivy, Imri, Airi, and Iria. 


Meaning: hope and harmony
Popularity: 46th 

Willow is another nature name coming from the willow tree. Willow trees are known to be flexible yet stable with the symbolize hope, harmony and growth. 

The popularity of the name Willow is skyrocketing world wide. Rising from 760th in 2000 to 46th in 2019. 

Celebrities who have daughters named Willow include singer P!nk and her husband Carey Hart, politician Sarah Palin, actor Will Smith and his wife actress Jada Pinkett Smith, and musician David Grohl. 

Names similar to Willow include Wilma, Wilhelmina,Willow Rose, and Willa. 


Meaning: peace
Popularity: 495th

Poppy flowers symbolize sleep, peace, luxury and imagination. 

Poppy has only recently gained some popularity in the United States but still is a very rare name with 628 baby girls being named Poppy in 2019 in all of the US. 

There are a few famous baby girls named Poppy including chef Jamie Oliver’s daughter, actress Anna Paquin’s daughter and actor Anthony Edwards’ daughter. 

Other names you may also consider if you like Poppy are Poppy Rose, PAge, Posey, and Penelope. 


Meaning: elegance and inner strength
Popularity: 372nd

Dahlias symbolize inner strength, creativity, and elegance. 

Dahlia is slowly climbing in popularity but will unlikely ever break the top 100 names unless it becomes a pop culture icon. So you are pretty safe of having the only Dahlia in your area. 

The only celebrity I found with a baby girl named Dahlia was Top Chef judge Gail Simmons and her baby girl Dahlia Rae born in 2013. 

Other names that are similar to Dahlia are Dalia, Dahliana and Delilah. ‘


Meaning: inner strength and goodwill
Popularity: 479th 

Holly is not only a flower but a tree and berry. It is a pretty winter nature inspired name if you are wanting something that matches the timing of your baby’s arrival. For most people we think of Holly around Christmas time. 

Holly symbolizes eternal life, Christmas, peace, goodwill, endurance, and inner strength. 

World wide the name Holly has been on a downward trend for the past several decades. In 2019 only 649 of all the baby girls born in the US were named Holly. 

Celebrities with daughters named Holly include musician Michael Bolton and Chef Gordon Ramsay. 

Similar names you may also consider are Hollin, Hollis, Hollister, Hallie, and Holli. 

Flower inspired names for baby girls are very trendy while also having a lot of classical and traditional roots. Flower names are the perfect balance between names that are dainty and feminine while still being strong and resilient.

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All the popularity data for this list came straight from the Social Security Administration’s website, you can search more names using this link. You can even see how popularity for the name has changed over time. 

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