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Whether it’s Father’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, or just because Dad’s deserve a great gift from their kids. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend or your kid is too young to shop a fathers day craft may be just what you need. With a little work, you can make a totally unique gift that Dad will be glad to display. You can do it with kids of any age or a mix of ages so it’s perfect for anyone!

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Photo Letter Craft Fathers Day craft

What you’ll need for this Fathers Day craft:

  • Big letters to spell Dad or whatever word you want to spell. You can find them on Amazon but they are much cheaper at a local craft store.
  • Decorating materials (see below for ideas)
  • Camera or phone to take pictures
  • Photo frame

Creating your gift for dad

Grab your big letters and prepare for some fun. If your child is younger you will have to decorate the letters yourself or you can simply use the letters plain. My daughter is 15 months old and was still a bit young for most of the decorating we tried. The fingerpainting was the most successful venture with her. My house ended up littered with blue tissue paper as she was more interested in spreading it around then sticking it on a letter. And there may be some blue fingerpaint permanently stuck in our heater vent.

Try out one of these 4 ideas or come up with one of your own. You and your kid’s imaginations are the limit!

Color with Crayons. If you have kids you probably have crayons or markers in your house. Set them loose on the letters and let them draw, or scribble for younger kids. They can create a masterpiece just for Dad.

Letter D done with crayon for Father's Day

Paper Mache. Cut up some old tissue paper into squares. Put a thin layer of glue all over the letter and let your child stick the pieces onto it.

Letter A done with paper mache for Father's Day

Fingerpainting. This is definitely the easiest if you have younger kids. Buy some pre-made paints or make your own edible finger paints, that’s what we used. Set them up with the letters and let them paint away.

Letter D done with fingerpaint for Father's Day

Bedazzle. Grab a pack of sequins, jewels, feathers, etc. Whatever your kids like and let them glue them to the letters.

Decorated letters for Father's Day gift

Putting it all together

The finished letters could be a gift themselves. The ones I got at my local craft store have a little spot on the back so they can be hung up. But, to give something a little more sophisticated looking and more suitable for hanging in the workplace, you’ll now want to break out your cameras. Take a photo of your kid(s) holding the letters they have decorated. You’ll one an individual photo for each letter. Have them printed out and then stick them in a nice frame or frames. Voila, a unique gift just for dad that he can proudly display.

Hopefully, your kids are more cooperative than mine. I may have to try a second time to get the photos as toddlers are not very cooperative! I’d love to see your fathers day craft! Please comment on Pinterest that you tried it along with your photo or add a photo of your child’s masterpiece below!

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