Unfortunately BoardBooster can no longer be recommended. Pinterest has requested everyone stop using BoardBooster as it is not an approved scheduler. If you want to schedule pins and join tribes Tailwind is the way to go!

Have you heard the news? Boardbooster is now rolling out Tribes, likely to compete with Tailwind Tribes that are growing in popularity. I’m excited to see what sort of results I get, though it’s too early to tell for sure. Here’s why I’m jazzed about Boardbooster tribes.

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Boardbooster tribes work like this:

  • The creator of the tribe sets the number of pins each member can add to the tribe, you can trade out pins but there is a maximum number you can have at a time, say 15.
  • Each member tells Boardbooster which of their boards they want pins from the tribe to go to and how many they want to pin a day, say 3.
  • Boardbooster will now do all the work for you! It will select pins that the other tribe members have submitted and automatically pin them to your board each day. Other members are doing the same so they will each be pinning some of your pins each day.
  • Analytics: The tribes are new and just getting started so I haven’t delved into this too much yet, but they look good. You can see exactly which pins have been shared by the tribe as well as any direct repins resulting from it. (Unfortunately, it shows each time individually. As of now there is no way to see these grouped together)
  • I’m excited to report back in a month and see how it’s going with the tribes.



Boardbooster is definitely not as flashy as Tailwind but perhaps Tailwind should take note of the features of the Boardbooster Tribes. As of now it seems to have several advantages.

  • Advantage BB: I don’t have to tell it what to pin everyday. It’s nice to be able to promote what you want but sometimes life gets busy and I know Boardbooster will keep moving even if I have to take a day off.
  • Advantage BB: My pins will get shared by other Tribe members. I don’t have to hope others are on and 1. See my pin before it gets buried by others and 2. Decide that mine is worthy of filling one of their sharing slots. The sharing is all automated in the Boardbooster Tribe so your pins will definitely get shared. There will also be no freeloaders as you can see how many pins each member has set to share and can kick members out if they fail to set up the sharing feature. (Tailwind does have a feature to spot freeloaders as well)
  • Advantage TW: With the Tailwind schedule you, and other users that are pinning from the Tribes, can use the scheduler to create time slots that are at the peak time for repinning. With Boardbooster you aren’t sure when your pin may be repinned by a Tribe member and it will not always be at an optimal time to be seen.
  • Advantage TBD: Analytics are a mixed bag between the two. Tailwind’s are easier to read. However, Boardboosters may be more informative. I’ll see how I feel once my list of pins that the tribe has pinned grows larger.
  • Advantage TW: Tailwind does have a relationship with Pinterest and is an approved scheduler. Other schedulers like BoardBooster are not approved by Pinterest so there’s no telling if they will exist long-term or if Pinterest may figure out some way to punish using them in the future. But, the Pinterest algorithm is always changing, so use what you can while you can. For now, I will continue to use both and leverage the best features of each.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog if you want an update next month as to how the Tribes are going. In the meantime get yourself into a tribe! As of now you do not need a paid membership with either Tailwind or Boardbooster in order to join a Tribe.


If you have a blog for moms consider joining my Tailwind Tribe for holiday pins related to kids & family. If you want to check out my Board Booster Tribe for Mom Bloggers, a Tribe for pins about kids & family, email me at shari@diaryofasocalmama.com with your Pinterest url and I will send you an invite. Happy Pinning!


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