Easter sensory bin for babies & toddlers

Who’s excited for Easter?! Easter and Christmas are usually the two holidays I do gifts for kids for. I’m excited that my daughter is old enough to do some Easter activities this year now that shes over one year old. So we took a trip to our favorite store for craft supplies, Dollar Tree, and created a fun Easter sensory bin perfect for toddlers and older babies.

If your child is younger you can easily switch this over to a sensory bag and still have fun. Check out my other post to see how to make sensory bags.

easter themed sensory bin

Sensory bins are great opportunities for learning for your little ones. They can explore different sights, textures, and even smells depending on what you use. This one is also great for their fine motor skills as they can try to open and close the plastic eggs.

Dollar tree sensory bins are great as they are low cost so you can toss them when you or your baby get tired of them or repurpose the ingredients into something new! So let’s get to what I used.

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Easter Sensory bin supplies

easter sensory bin items

You can use just about anything in a sensory bag or bin. I used the following for our Easter sensory bin:

The Easter eggs are a fun addition to the bin as they can take on many forms. You can fill them with beans, coins, jelly beans, rice, anything really and then seal them up with tape or glue to create fun maracas for your little one. Be sure to use various objects so that your little one can feel the different weights of the eggs and hear the different sounds they make.

For our bin I filled some with my daughter’s favorite snacks and some I left empty. Puffs, dried fruit, cheerios, and goldfish would all work well as egg fillers. This way we got to play around with the surprise and anticipation of seeing what was inside the egg. She also discovered that empty ones made no sound when shaken and those that made noise had the snacks inside.

Fill a plastic bin or Easter basket with some grass and hide the items throughout the container. Then invite your little one over for some fun!

Our Easter sensory bin Fun!

Her favorite part of the bin was definitely trying to close the eggs back up. She doesn’t quite have the ability to close them yet but she had a lot of fun trying.

She also really enjoyed sifting through the grass and pulling out all the items…and then all the grass as well.

I formed the pipe cleaners into circles so that they could be put on like bracelets but she wasn’t a big fan of them.

The erasers were nice for feeling the smooth texture. She did great for a while but then tried to eat them so those had to get put away.

****Sensory bins are a supervised project. Please never leave your child alone with small items that they could possibly choke on. Easter grass as well could cause issues if ingested. Only use items you feel your child can handle and use the sensory bag or bottle method if they are likely to put everything into their mouths. 

sensory bins for toddlers

As you can see from the aftermath this was a fun project. We played with it for at least an hour the day I made it. I’ll definitely be refilling the eggs and bringing the bin out again leading up to Easter. The whole project cost me just $4 at Dollar Tree plus snacks from my cupboard and I have plenty of Easter grass and pipe cleaners left over for other projects.

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