DIY Mickey Mouse Snow Globe Ornament Kids Craft

Christmas is a great time of year for crafts! You can use them as gifts, decor, or just as a way to entertain the kids on winter break. I’m a huge fan of both Christmas and Disney so these DIY Mickey Mouse Christmas ornaments are the perfect craft to hang on my Christmas tree. They make a great Christmas craft for kids or adults. Change out the character for your favorite Disney figurine.

Items needed:

It just takes some simple craft supplies and a small figurine to make these cute ornaments. The best place to pick these up is going to be your local dollar tree but you may need to grab a few things off Amazon as well.

Christmas ornaments for kids to make

  1. (Optional) Use your finger or a small paintbrush to coat the outside rim of the lid with a thin layer or glue and then pour whatever color of glitter you desire. Red, green, or gold will give it that Christmas flair. Give it plenty of time to dry before moving on.
  2. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the paper cone (you can make one with a simple piece of white paper or use a small styrofoam cone), then add a craft pom pom on top, creating a Christmas tree.
  3. Glue the tree and the Disney figurine to the lid of the clear ornament using a hot glue gun.Mickey Mouse DIY ornaments
  4. Fill the ornament with fake snow.
  5.  Attach the lid to the ornament, making sure none of the snow falls out.
  6. Write a name and/or year on the bottom to turn into a keepsake for years to come.

Hang your new DIY Christmas ornament on your tree or give it as a gift to your favorite Disney fan.

This one may be a little advanced for my 21-month-old but I’m excited to make them with my niece and nephews, what a fun Christmas craft for kids to make! I’d love to see your creations. Looking for more ideas?

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Mickey snow globe ornament

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