10 Best dinosaur toys for toddlers

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?! Just about all of us had a dinosaur phase growing up. They’re big, they’re cool, they’re kind of funny looking. Just what a toddler loves. And dinosaur toys aren’t just for boys anymore, there are tons of dinosaur toys for girls or that are great for either gender. These items make great birthday or Christmas gifts for kids. If your toddler loves dinosaurs you’re sure to find the perfect gift on this list.

best dinosaur toys for toddler

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best dinosaur toys & gifts for toddlers

dinosaur stocking stuffers

1 – Dinosaur bath toys – Grab a set of these cute dinosaur bath toys to use as stocking stuffers! They’re fun weather used in or out of the bath. My toddler loves little figurines like this!

dinosaur bath toys


cool dinosaur toys

2 – Dinosaur roller toys – These four-wheeled dinosaurs are great for toddlers. The wheels make them easy and fun to maneuver around the house or park. With four there are enough to share with friends too!

cool dinosaur toys


3 – Dinosaur puzzle – Puzzles are always great toy options for toddlers! They’re great for practicing fine motor skills and matching skills. Getting one that’s themed with something your toddler loves will make it much easier to get them excited about doing it!

dinosaur puzzle

4 – Dinosaur playmat – Your toddler of course needs a playmat to go with all those dinosaur figurines they’re collecting.

dinosaur playmat

5 – Dino backpack – Little kids with backpacks are super cute! Plus, they need somewhere to store all those dino toys when they’re on the go. They’ll want to take this one everywhere!

Dinosaur backpack

dinosaur clothes

6 – Dino Toddler Hoodie – These cute tops were actually designed by a mom! There are four options to choose one including one designed just for girls! Dinosaur girl clothes

Dinosaur hoodie

7 – Princess Awesome Dinosaur dress – I love, love, love Princess awesome dresses! I think this is going to be the next one I grab for my daughter. They’re twirly, have fun prints, and even have pockets! You can reach my full review on Princess Awesome dresses and see them in action on a toddler girl.

girl dinosaur clothes

8 – Dinosaur rain boots – If you live somewhere with lots of rain grab these cute dinosaur rain boots! Knowing toddlers they’ll want to wear them everywhere they go!

Dinosaur rain boots

dinosaur educational toys

9 – Dinosaur matching game – This game is great for practicing matching skills and it’s geared specifically for toddlers!

Dinosaur matching game

10 – Dinosaur letter learning – Your toddler can work on learning their letters with these fun dinosaur letter match ups. The matching halves have the upper and lower case version of the letter. This set includes the entire alphabet! With 52 pieces it should keep them busy for a while.

Dinosaur letter learning

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